>WBW – Ugly Sweater Day

>It’s very appropriate that TKW chose this week’s theme as a last goodbye to winter, since while driving the muncher to daycare this morning I saw SNOW! Ugh, not fair, my body is totally ready for spring. Well anyway, I’m sure this is not the ugliest sweater I ever owned, but in retrospect it was bad. My mother hated it, my friends kidded me about it, but I thought it was super cool. I bought it at Benetton which was soooo hip in 1988. This is my 13th birthday party, where I look like a complete dork. I had to include these three other girls in the picture, Kate, Liz, and Ab, since they are still my best friends and read my blog. I want their boyfriends/husbands to know what dorks they once were too.

This sweater was HUGE on me, and was shaped like a box. The colors totally did not match, though that was the style of Benetton. This was one of my most favorite sweaters despite it’s fugliness. Here I am wearing it yet again four years later on a youth group trip to Ocean City with the ultra cool girls and my crush of the moment, David Sachs, my fearless youth group leader. I swear the sweater was so big I look pregnant or something. Notice the rolled up pants, which all five girls in the picture are also wearing.

I have tried to look up David on Google since he is a professional photographer, but I can’t find him anywhere. Boohoo. He was such a nice guy.

Well that’s WBW for me! Happy Humpday!


10 responses to this post.

  1. >Oh lordy, I remember those days. I had three big ole boxy sweaters, but those came from The Limited. i think they were either Outback Red or the other name brand they sold (it escapes me right now). Bennetton was my rugby shirt place. I had two of those.And Coca-Cola shirts! Remember those? Ahhh, clothing memories.


  2. >Very cool sweater.I played!


  3. >I think I remember that guy from NKOTB.


  4. >Im not saying I remember any of this….


  5. >Ah yes, Bennetton. Uh huh.Love the pants rolled up.


  6. >I would have totally had a crush on that guy too!! LOL!


  7. >Try http://www.zabasearch.com for free peoplefinding.Not that I would know about looking up old boyfriends or anything…


  8. >Wow. Now THATS a blue sweater!! 🙂


  9. >Ha ha! I have a similar sweater, for sure. And I definitely have a lot of pictures with me in rolled jeans. Are you an Eagles fan? Did you hear that the Eagles are playing the Cowboys (TO!!!!) on Christmas Day?Christmas hasn’t been this good since Santa Claus!!!


  10. >How did I miss this yesterday?Again…WHY did we buy into the whole huge sweater thing?!?! This did nothing for anyone’s figure.I hope we remember this when all those skinny jeans hit the shelves in a few months…not every fad is a good one…


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