>Little Rainman

>We have definately started seeing many of the OCD tendancies in Nathan that I’ve heard are common among toddlers. First there was the newspaper incident. There have been a couple other ones like that, which sometimes involve cleaning up toys, which is a good thing. Then yesterday Nathan decided that the best place for a McDonald’s french fry is in his toy dump truck.

One by one he would take a fry from the bag in my hand and walk it over to his truck and drop it in.

I was having a bad hair day yesterday. I’m not usually one for the ballcap look, but Mike thinks it’s cute.

Back and forth. Fry from Mommy, fry in dump truck.

And every time Nathan would bend over to put a fry in the truck, his diaper would droop and we could see his buttcrack. So Mike thought the best place for a fry would be:


10 responses to this post.

  1. >If The X-Files are any indication, Nathan’s gonna have some special powers.If not, please tell me you threw away that fry.


  2. >I hope that fry made it to the trash! So funny!


  3. >love the plummer crack fry 🙂


  4. >Waste not, want not.Who ate the fry?


  5. >It looks like the fry is a tiny little tail sticking out from his diaper. LOL


  6. >Don’t worry, nobody ate the fry. Funny picture Neel.


  7. >That is about the best use for McDonald’s fries. Great pictures.


  8. >Way too cute. I think all plumber’s cracks should have a fry sticking out.


  9. >He will be scarred forever. He will be known as “The Fry Guy”! Oh, what have you done?!?!?!


  10. >Back with the newspaper thing I told you rainman would come out plenty of times in the future. Ethan still does it when playing by himself with his trains and planes (Thomas and JayJay of course).BTW I will get some pictures of the little girl up… Probably when she decides to sleep better, because that will coincide with me sleeping better.


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