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Not much funny or insightful to tell you today, so I’ll just give a general update on our goings-on. Weather is beautiful so running the Schukyll Canal road and climbing the hills of my neighborhood has been great this week. Nathan likes it too. His health is back along with his happy energetic personality and a voracious appetite.

Nathan’s vocabulary now includes: Ball, Pepper, Mama, Dada, Coat, Car, Up, Nana, Balloon, Book, Bed, Banana, Bottle, Cracker, Lilly, Bird, Cheese, Shoes, Socks, Please, Head, All Done, Elmo, and several animal noises. I’m sure I forgot some.

I have finally planned my sister’s baby shower in Richmond and mailed out the adorable invitations, supplied by the Target dollarzone along with tons of other matching decorations. When we decided we needed party favors I went back to get the animal shaped boxes of the same theme and they were on clearance for $0.25 each. Target ROCKS. Getting that red card has been bad for our bank account.

Speaking of the bullseye boutique, I have to go now and pick up plastic eggs and candy to drop off for the MOPS easter egg hunt we will do on Wed. I’m pysched about it and I hope Nathan gets the whole idea of running around picking up eggs. Hopefully he’ll catch on before all the big kids get all the eggs.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >Great song live!


  2. >Nice to see the running stroller getting a workout.


  3. >I do love me some Dollar Zone stuff and especially when it goes on clearance for the new stuff…sigh…heaven.


  4. >the dollar zone rocks! I might be checking it out. I am having my girlfriends baby shower in June!


  5. >Nathan will get the idea if you tell him to grab the colors. That worked for the Dinks.


  6. >Now in this picture you look like Sara Evans.


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