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I am at a photography crossroads, so to speak. I have finally decided the basement is not getting done this year, Mike can buy his shed and riding mower and I can get a new digital camera. I take WAY too many pictures and am much too seriously into photography NOT to upgrade. I have been inspired by Kristine, Robyn, Shutterblog, Angela, and Wave of Modulation, just to name a few.

But now I’m not sure what kind of camera to get! I was thinking the obvious choice is a Nikon D70s, or a BAMF for short, which so many of you (like Kami) have raved about. But now there is a new, slightly less expensive model called the Nikon D50, which the reviews I have read say is just as good if not better in some areas as the D70s. A few people like Odd Mix have suggested that a Canon 350D Rebel XT might be even better, especially for me considering I have at least one nice Canon lens that will work with a new digital Canon. I usually just shoot in auto-mode these days but before kiddo I used to play around with the manual modes on my 35mm SLR and I would love the flexibility to do that again.

Then I got to reading and thinking and realized with a digital SLR I’ll definately be sacrificing size, which is important to me considering how much I’d like to take my camera EVERYWHERE. I’ll also be giving up the live LCD display which I OFTEN use to frame shots instead of the viewfinder. I use that mainly because then Nathan can see my face instead of just looking at the camera and I can catch his attention better. But most importantly, I’ll be giving up my wish for some kind of digital video device. Recently I have had the desire to capture my son in live motion and sound, which I have NEVER done, and post it on this blog, which is a sort of scrapbook of his childhood. I could just go out and buy a digital camcorder, which wouldn’t cost THAT much, but after I shell out the bucks for a new SLR I am unlikely to do that for awhile.

So I would live your advice. Whether you know anything about cameras or not, but especially if you DO. Help!


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  1. >Kami is a cannon fan not Nikon! I will also say many people have mentioned that Nikon d70 has had a lot of problems. That was what I was told when asking for suggestions.


  2. >Lauren’s 1 year pictures were taken with the Canon Digital Rebel. My BIL has one as well. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel as solid in my hand as the Nikon D70s. If you look at the list of Flickrites, you’ll note that the majority own Nikon products. I wavered back and forth about it, but I was eventually sold on the D70s lens kit and the popular SB600 (SB800 is its more $ older brother) speedlight flash. KenRockwell.com is a fantastic site for learning more about these cameras. Look in the How-to section. You’ll also want to research the price of additional lenses. You’ll use the kit lens for normal everyday shooting, but you’ll want something different for shooting sports.A minimum of photoshop elements is also a must have to do those focal color shots you like so much. Don’t forget a camera bag, extra battery, and compact flash, too. I bought a professional speed (80x) 1GB card. It was totally worth the money.But girl, you won’t be disappointed. The first time you hit that button and hear the shutter click instantly, you’ll be in heaven. BTW, check http://www.bestpricecameras.com/welcome.html for some fairly competitive pricing. I didn’t buy from them, but I almost did.Also, the D50 is an excellent camera. It’s got enough bells and whistles to keep you busy. It’s what uses. Check the archives, it’s worth it. Kristine LOVES their work.Don’t be swayed by the popularity of the camera. Really research what it can do (D50 has a shade setting that the D70 doesn’t, but uses different storage media), and keep it within your price range. The great thing about these cameras is that you can resell them and probably get most of your investment back if you wish to upgrade.Good luck, and happy shopping!


  3. >Also, I haven’t had any problems with the D70s. I know they had a battery recall on the D70 (precursor to the D70s). And I know my friend had to send her Rebel in to get fixed a few months ago. Cameras require upkeep regardless of the model. If it worries you, buy the 5 year warranty.


  4. >I have a Kodak EasyShare 7590. I had a much less expensive Kodak, and it took lots of abuse before it finally bit the dust, so I went looking at the Kodak’s again. I’ve been pretty pleased with it though it does lots and lots of stuff that I really don’t know how to make work.


  5. >I am in the same boat. I am looking for a SLR. The guy at Precision Camera (in Austin) recommended the Olympus over the Canon and Nikon. I was just reading that the new Olympus EVOLT E-330 is the first SLR w/ a live view viewfinder. Intriguing.


  6. >I’m having the same debate. I want something that can handle my artistic inclinations, but I want to be able to port it around without using a fork lift.


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