>WBW – Repeat Offenders

>This week for Way Back Wednesday, Mama Duck asked us to identify that ugly accesory or clothing item that you have worn over and over and shows up in all your pictures. I looked back through all my pictures and didn’t find anything like that, just lots of BIG hair.

Then it occurred to me. For many years while I was working before Nathan came along, I used to go to an enormous number of trade shows and conferences. I always had to wear one of those stupid ugly gigantic trade show badges that hung around your neck and usually fell square on my boobs for all the world to notice. For a long time I had a collection of these badges hanging on a hook in my office at my old company. There must have been nearly a hundred of them. I took them with me when I quit, but after those dumbasses sued me I chucked the badges since they all had my former company’s name on them and I was…still am…bitter.

I had TONS of pictures wearing said trade show badge, because I LOVED going to these shows, as much as I complained about them. I got to stay in super swanky hotels, dress up in my extensive suit collection, and schmooze and mingle. Every night is ended in the hotel bar and when the industry is 90% men, I never had to buy a drink. So here’s just a few:

My very first trade show where I went alone, without colleagues. I put up my booth wearing a sundress (because it was a hot July day) and I got some seriously ugly sexist remarks from an oldtimer setting up his booth at the same time. Learning experience. This picture showed up in an association newsletter showing me drinking on the job. The guy next to me and I are still good friends today. We did a LOT of trade shows together.

I think this was in Anaheim. I’m drinking juice, not alcohol, because this was taken at a sales breakfast meeting. The rough part about ending days in the bar? Being up and at ’em to give presentations at 7am.

This is me listening to a boring speaker at a show in Boston a few years ago. Trying to stay awake. Found this one in a newsletter too.

That’s me in the front, drinking on the job again. They always have these cocktail hours during the shows to encourage people to check out the exhibit booths. Also found this one in a newsletter.

Me and my current boss who was also my boss at my old company way back when this picture was taken in about 2001. There’s those stupid badges again.

Whoever told me this gold blouse looked good under this red suit should be shot. This is Virginia Beach. (REALLY boring)

After giving a presentation in Los Angeles.

Getting an award in Los Angeles. This time the badge is a bit hidden, but it is MUCH bigger because you get special additional ribbons to stick on it when you are a speaker or an awardee or stuff like that.

And finally, this past year in Washington D.C. talking to an old friend who didn’t recognize me with my post-baby brown hair. Again…the badge. Yes, I do often miss that life, but I wouldn’t trade my son for it.

Happy WBW!


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Wow, you really have a collection there! I played!


  2. >You look like you are so very thrilled to be listening to that speaker. Must have been exciting! πŸ™‚


  3. >Oh, and I played.


  4. >hehehappy wbw!


  5. >Dang girl, you have tons of those ugly things, huh?


  6. >The good news is that while you wore them you would never forget your name…you know,being that there was a lot of drinking and stuff.I’m just saying.OK…did I miss what the trade shows were for? Something cool? Lingerie? Confectionaries? I think I saw the name “Brentwood” on your tag and tried to search it but no dice…unless you were trying to seel parts of Brentwood, CA.


  7. >ACK! You said the evil word that begins with a “B” and ends with “wood”!! Those scumsuckers. Yeah really glamorous, all those trade shows were for selling sewage treatment equipment. If it were lingerie, I would be buying all my own drinks!!


  8. >So did you save all of them? Must be a drawer full.Thanks for stopping by.


  9. >Dang! You really do have a lot of those! :)I played. πŸ™‚


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