>I need something more interesting to write about

>While I promised myself that this blog would not become a live journal, simply chronicaling my pretty average boring life, I am left uninspired this week. So in no particular order:

  • I am about the third most flexible person in my yoga class
  • Flexibility makes up for my lack of strength sometimes
  • Inversions are fun and I need to overcome my fear of them
  • Didn’t get to actually talk to hottie Mark this week, but still got lots of flirty facial expressions directed specifically at me
  • Knee pain was gone so I tried running yesterday
  • Knee soreness is back today, but not too bad
  • Talked to ieatcrayonz on the phone last night about kids and cameras
  • As usual, she sounds nothing like I’d imagined. Much more southern and sweet.
  • I think I have settled on the Nikon D50 but when I told Mike the price he had a heartattack
  • Got a much more affordable estimate for our basement yesterday, but it’s my neighbor’s brother and I’m a little nervous about using him
  • Can’t wait to hit the beach at my mom’s new beach house
  • Started using Oil of Olay Touch of Sun lotion and much to my surprise I think it’s working
  • Watched Narnia last week with my mom…that movie ROCKS
  • My blogfriend spikey1 was supposed to be back from his trip to Pittsburgh on Sunday and I haven’t heard from him since Saturday…I’m concerned…I’m guessing the baby came early
  • I can’t wait to see what my pregnant sister looks like, I miss her
  • My crazy neighbor offered to mow part of our lawn for us…miracles never cease
  • I have a LOT of wastewater design work to do and no motivation to do it
  • I’ll get it done anyway

6 responses to this post.

  1. >Now why in the world would your neighbor want to mow your lawn for you?


  2. >We trade lawn mowing duties with our neighbor too. It works well for us because both he and my hubs work crazy schedules.


  3. >I’m not exactly sure why he offered. Our lawn is probably 10x the size of his, and my husband had let it get super long and then was working his butt off with a push mower. The crazy neighbor has a riding mower for his postage stamp lot. He just offered to mow the “road” (easement) in between our two houses. I hope this isn’t his way of saying don’t put up a fence.


  4. >Southern and sweet. Wow. Believe me, I don’t get that a lot! Ha! Let’s see. I am jealous of people who are flexible. I swear I’d snap if I tried harder yoga moves. Glad to hear your knee is feeling better. Yay, D50! But does Mike’s reaction mean no camera? When you see your sister next, you should talk her into a pregnancy shoot! Hey, free mowing is still free mowing. Yippee!


  5. >Umm, I don’t think Mike’s reaction means no camera, I just have a bit of coaxing to do. It’s that Okie accent that makes you sound southern. It’s not that I didn’t think you were sweet, I just didn’t think you would SOUND so sweet. My sister hasn’t sent me a single pregnancy picture of herself yet, so you better believe I will be taking lots of them. That’s why I’m hoping to get my camera before I see her for Mother’s Day.


  6. >And exactly why do we need an action shot of your pregnant sister?


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