>So Ya Had a Bad Day

>My weekend was quiet but good. Friday night the pain in my knee had subsided so I decided to try to run, slowly for only 10 minutes on the treadmill. It never hurts while I’m working out, only after. I didn’t want to push the running but I needed more of a workout, so I hit the Stairmaster. That didn’t hurt either while I was doing it. I did some serious yoga to stretch out all the muslces in my legs afterwards. But within an hour I was limping. The pain was so bad last night it almost kept me from sleeping. I had to get up once at 3:30 am to check Nathan and every footstep hurt.

But I can’t stop working out, I feel like a blob from what I ate over the weekend. So I went to the gym this morning and used the eliptical. I peeked in on the aerobics intervals class I normally take this morning and saw them running around the gym. I can’t even take my regular classes. It doesn’t hurt as bad now, after moving it so much. How weird is that? But it’s sore, achey, and whenever I see all the runners in the park enjoying the weather I am bitter and envious.

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  1. >I would consider going to the doctor to check that out. Doesn’t sound right. How about cross training in the meantime? cycling (assuming that doesn’t bother the knee). Swimming as well. The frog like kick of the breast stroke is supposed to really stregthen knees.


  2. >I have to agree with running42k… better to acknowledge a problem and get it dealth with than to be in denial and just go on until you completely ruin something irreparably.Just my 2 cents since I’m not a doctor and this opinion should not be confused with medical advice! :)Best wishes to you on your recovery!


  3. >Best to get it checked out. At the very least you’ll get a prescription for some fun pain meds!Until then swimming sounds like the best bet.


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