>Was I a Fool to Think?

>Happy Tuesday! Some questions have been answered to my satisfaction, even if they may not be the whole truth. So hopefully the cloud over my head the past few days will dissipate and I can be happily productive. Had a looooong conversation with my formerly close friend at my old company yesterday afternoon. It’s amazing how you can know so much about a person, and then not talk for a year and be blown away by how much has happened to each other in that time. It’s also amazing how I can be so nostalgic about something, like our trip to South Africa. I swore I would never be nostalgic about anything.

That whole conversation, plus the cloud of unresolved questions, made me miss a work deadline yesterday. I can’t remember the last time I really missed an actual deadline, broke a promise to a client that I would have something to them by a certain time. The feeling sucks. Especially because the client is a very young female engineer, who probably has lots of people breathing down her neck for my information, a position I was in not long ago.

I am forcably willing myself to be more content with things as they are these days, and once in awhile I remember how unbelieveably lucky I am to have the freedom to work from home on my own schedule and see my son grow.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >We go through cycles. It sounds like you are in one now.


  2. >I have felt like I was in a weird place many times. I hope that you pass through it unscathed.And work stuff just happens sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up.


  3. >Nostalgia isn’t bad in and of itself…now if you start wearing a pith helmet to Target or at the breakfast table….then, then something’s wrong.


  4. >Sounds like you need a hug. (((HUG))). Don’t worry – the good news is that you can’t fall off the floor.


  5. >Thanks y’all!!! I’m not really that bad. But I appreciate your well wishes.


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