>WBW – Swimsuit Season

>It’s Way Back Wednesday!! I was so busy yesterday I almost forgot. Work was good, my mom came over with a fabulous dinner, talked to several friends for a long time, and had a great yoga class. Since it was warm out yesterday my muscles were really warm and loose right at the beginning of class which made me extra bendy. She pushed us super hard, moving through all kinds of vinyasas (poses in series) at a pretty fast pace. Lots of sweating and huffing and puffing. Ok so pranayama (yoga breathing) is not supposed to be huffing and puffing, but you get my drift. I know I say this all the time, but it was one of my best yoga practices ever. My knee was still sore all day long but after yoga it really didn’t hurt.

Mark brought a pretty girl to class with him which I can only assume was his girlfriend, which kind of ruins the fake flirting. He was still just as friendly as ever though, and when he announced to me he had chocolate covered pretzels I demanded some. I’m kind of embaressed I was so bossy of a friend I only see once a week, but hey…it’s chocolate and I’m fresh out at my house.

Ok on to the swimsuit pictures. You didn’t honestly think you were gonna see me on the internet in a bikini did you? Only a privaleged few ever get to see that. I couldn’t find my swimteam pictures, because they must be at my mom’s house, but somewhere there are a ton of them because I did that for years. So here is my very first bathing suit!

And circa 1980 on an unknown beach with my little sister. Check out the curls on both of us!

Speaking of swimming, thank you my concerned blogfriends for suggesting I swim instead of run for awhile. It is an obvious suggestion that I was avoiding because despite my childhood on the swimteam I have not done laps in years and I am intimidated by the lap pool. I’m going to have to ask someone about the proper etiquette for whatever they call “circle swimming” which I think has something to do with sharing lap lanes. And if I actually enjoy it, I might have to buy a couple new swimsuits and it will probably ruin my hair. But I’m going to give it a try…soon.

Happy WBW! Tell me if you played!

12 responses to this post.

  1. >Adorable! Love the curls!I played!


  2. >Such lovely curls. So cute.


  3. >ahhh how cute!happy wbw!I played


  4. >Those curls are so sweet but I think the first picture takes the cake! So adorable!


  5. >Aw, that last picture is GREAT!


  6. >So loving the curls. 🙂


  7. >OMG… those pictures are too cute!! I played.


  8. >Funny how just an inch of water can please any kid. You thought you were swimming right?Love the sister pic.I played.


  9. >I’m loving the curls!I played.


  10. >Just stopping in to say “hi”!!


  11. >Curly hair is by far superior to all other hair types. It’s a fact, I read it in a book.Lap swimming scares me too! I’m always afraid I’ll piss off one of the regulars and that they’ll hold my head underwater (memories of cousins toturing me around the age of 7 are suddenly coming back to me…)


  12. >Dustin, exactly! But if I piss off the regulars I’m just afraid of the bitchy looks I’ll get in the locker room.


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