>Mo’ Money Mo’ Money

Nothing snaps a funk like suddenly being told out of the blue you are getting a fat raise. Sweet!! Deadlines, schmedlines, I must be doin’ something right.

Coincidentally it will cover the ginormous increase in daycare costs I’m about to face when my HDL quits in June. I took Nate yesterday to sign him up at an awesome local daycare center called The Goddard School. It’s very highly rated for it’s semi-academic environment. Nice people, great building, tons of bright toys and decorations, and very clean. I went around noon and she asked me if I wanted to see the toddler room again. I said “sure” and she said “they’re all sleeping now” so I said “oh I don’t wanna wake them up!” and she said “oh don’t be silly”. When she opened the door to the dark room I realized the room was bigger than I had remembered. Good! But what I saw amazed me. About 8 or 10 toddlers, on the floor with blankets and pillows, OUT COLD. Every last one of them. No adult even in the immediate room (she was steps away, so that’s ok). I don’t know how they pull that off, but it’s cool. I tried to get Nathan to nap in bed with me the other day and failed. He can only nap alone in his crib. He’ll only be there three mornings a week anyway, cuz why should I pay someone to watch him sleep?

Back to work now! This afternoon I will take a power walk with my mom and Nate over her lunch break and hope the hills don’t hurt my knee. Then tonight I think I will go to another yoga class. Twice in one week! But it rocks.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >Look how cute he is in his sweater vest. Killing me.Glad you found a nice place for him. It’s tough to find good care from people who actually give a crap.


  2. >Way to go on the raise! that is awesome!


  3. >Good job on the raise.


  4. >We love Goddard. Pricey? Yes. Worth it when I see how much Dinks loves it and how great they have been with her? Worth every blessed penny.


  5. >Why can’t adults get nap time? I’ll sleep on the floor, I don’t care.


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