>Good News Bad News

First the bad news. The BAMF Nikon D50 isn’t on it’s way to me right now. Amazon.com royally screwed up. Five calls to customer service over two days and now all I have to my name is a refund. Long story involving much shouting and swearing. Good news, the camera’s memory card from Buy.com and the backup battery from Delkin.com ARE on their way…I have Fed Ex tracking numbers for them. Bad news, most of online retailers either have raised their price or our out of stock of the camera. Good news, there’s a local retail shop that has it in stock so I can pick it up today if I want. Bad news, because of retail overhead and tax, it’s gonna cost me a bunch more. Good news, the store guy is nice, feels bad for me, and will throw in a few perks to sweeten the deal. Like a $50 gift card on future purchases, so I can get the UV lens filter or Speedlite flash in the near future. And some free prints and a free camera class. TBG bought her new D70s at the same place so we can take the class together! So all in all, not so bad. I think I’m gonna go pick it up today at lunchtime. Unfortunately I won’t have the memory card to start playing with it right away, that’ll take another day or two to get here. But I can read the instruction book in the meantime. Yes, I’m a woman, and an engineer, I read the instructions.


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  1. >Big time bummer. Believe me, you’ll need that time to get aquainted with the manual. I still haven’t read through it as thoroughly as I should have.Yay for the BAMF!


  2. >I thought engineers never read the instructions. Hopefully we see some Nikon taken pictures soon.


  3. >Oh that stinks. I love the place I bought it they rock!Oh and I was at Costco last night they had the d50 kit, bag two lens, camera and something else for 699 or was it 799? If you have not gone check there!Oh and I know you are going to think I am retarded but I am at work and dont have your cell on me! Email me the number again and I will call ya!


  4. >Oh and I read the instructions as well. Read the whole thing in the last few days! I AM A WOMAN and a Nerd! love that kind of stuff! HA


  5. >Wow. Sorry about Amazon being … well, Amazon. Their customer service is way below par. i think their reps teach the reps at samash.com ’cause they rot, too.It’s great that you can pick up the camera in person. A big “boo-ya” to you!


  6. >I am horrible with reading instructions. It sucks.


  7. >Did ya get it? Did ya?


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