>What Is McDreamy Thinking?

I caught the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, which was three hours long starting Sunday night and continuing Monday night. This is the only TV show I watch with any degree of faithfulness. Faithfulness is apparently no longer a character trait of Dr. McDreamy. After the Chief just got finished telling Shephard what a decent and honorable man he is, he ditches his gorgeous and smart-as-hell wife for the homely and needy Meredith. This episode totally proved that Addison is so much hotter than Meredith, and I just don’t get it. I was very disappointed by this turn of events.

Also this episode left me bawling my eyes out over Izzie and Denny. Of course Denny had to die, that was completely predictable. But I liked him a lot. And when Alex carried her away from Denny’s cold dead body, it was sooooo painfully obvious that he and Izzie will fall in lurve next season.

Christina and Burke are the most interesting relationship in my opinion. I love them both. But since the miscarriage I really thought she had softened up. So why she would act like a complete nincompoop when her boyfriend almost dies and then almost loses his surgical identity, is beyond me. Thank goodness for a happy ending there.


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  1. >I wanted to smack the crap out of Christina. Burke is a total catch and she is going to screw this up.I am so over Meredith. I so do NOT get what her appeal is.


  2. >Oh I am so sorry but I love Meredith and I love McDreamy with her. I am so not a fan of Addison if she did not sleep with McDreamys best friend I dont think he would have ever strayed!I cant wait till next season!


  3. >The online fans refer to her as “Meh” for a reason.The writers have defined Meredith as this flawed but appealing young intern, but Ellen Pompeo makes her so squinty, vacant, and unlikable. Plus she has an obvious eating disorder, with the waif figure and bulimic voice. In comparison, Kate Walsh makes such an attractive and curvy Addison that you wonder why Derek is torn. Clearly, Patrick Dempsey has to be a good actor for his character to show any interest in Meredith.


  4. >I am going to be honest… I love Addison. At first I wasn’t too keen on her character, but how else would a person react walking into a hostile atmosphere while trying to fight for her husband? She’s funny and quirky and very likeable.I think that the writers of the show really cheapened the tense relationship between Derek and Meredith. I think it could have been a great scene if they had just had the fight and not the quickie. Stupid Meredith. He is going to go back to Addison. Poor Addison.I love Christina and Burke! I think Burke understands her neurotic thought process.Alex always manages to do the right thing at the right time even if he screws it all up at any other regular time.


  5. >I agree whole heartedly with Alisa and Neel. I didn’t like Addison at first either, but looked fab in that last episode with her yummy red wavy hair. The only bad part was her making a fool of herself in front of the other doctors. I think they should have left that out. And yes, the quickie totally ruined the sexual tension and cheapened the entire storyline. Don’t these writers know that sexual tension is what draws people in and you must keep things tense to keep people interested?


  6. >I just watched this last night and I wrote about this today. I am glad I did not stop here yesterday.


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