>Weekend Words Challenge

>This weekend John over at Odd Mix asked us to capture the words Mirror and Missing on film and show them today. I didn’t have too much time this weekend to really focus on this mission, plus it was a hard one.

For mirror I am going to use an old favorite of mine rather than a new shot. This is the lake at Jasper Park Lodge on an early morning hike. My husband has requested that I point out that HE told me to take this shot.

Nature makes some awesome mirrors. Missing was much harder. This is the only one I did take this weekend that you might look at and see something distinctly missing. Something must be at the other end of that leash!


14 responses to this post.

  1. >That first picture is beautiful!Good thing Pepper is small because if not the dog would be walking Nathan!


  2. >Thats a good idea that Mirror and Missing.I like the photo. Looks like your lad has things under control.


  3. >The “mirror” pic is awesome.


  4. >Oh man, look at his tiny tennis shoes. How friggin CUTE.


  5. >I LOVE the mirror shot!


  6. >That first one is postcard worthy!hopefully you’ve blown it up and printed it.


  7. >That first picture could be sold as posters! The second one gave me the giggles. WHAT has he got on the other end of the leash? šŸ˜€


  8. >Is it a dinosaur? Oh, no too obvious, how about a buffalo?


  9. >I meant those as guesses for what’s on the end of the leash.


  10. >Um, I knew that TKW. ;)Lucky, yes I blew it up and framed it and it used to hang in our old house. Haven’t found the right place for it yet.


  11. >SFG – Those tennis shoes AREN’T tiny for his age, his feets are HUGE.


  12. >Awesome mirror shot!


  13. >The miror shot is lovely and is (in my humblish opinion) one of the few circumstances where the rule of thirds goes right out the window.Very nicely done!


  14. >Great pics.You get an “A” for the project


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