>Curse of the Mini-muffin


Bathing suit season is coming FAST and I am not ready for it. I was on the right track, but I hit a bump in the road when my running gave me patellafemoral syndrome in my knees and I had to stop. The eliptical just doesn’t give me the same workout, especially in the abs, that running did. Now, to make matters almost worse, my physical therapy place is right next to a really awesome breakfast type shop called My Favorite Muffin. So I feel compelled to get my coffee there twice a week before PT. And see, they have this breakfast special of any size coffee and a bagel for $3. So I can’t just get the coffee!

And yesterday I took a longer look at their infamous pastry case, which was full of delectable cinnamin buns and muffins of varieties that made my mouth water. I’m not usually a muffin kinda girl, but they had on called Boston Creme that appeared to be completely encased in a hard chocolate icing. I stayed clear of the big muffins, but I decided I had to try a mini-muffin. They were $.49 each, or three for $1.29, so of course I got three. Apple Pie, Cinnamin Bun, and Chocolate Cheese. I figured Nathan might like them. But do you think Nathan ever saw them?


3 responses to this post.

  1. >I love that place! We used to go there when we lived in town! I love it and yes not good for bathing suit season…not good at all!


  2. >Run away.. run away from the muffins!! My god they look so tasty!!I’m such a sucker for baked goods.


  3. >Since you’re doing it before physical therapy, you should be ok. You probably burn it off during the PT, especially since it’s in the mornings.What’s life without a few small indulgences?


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