>On Freckles

>Summertime is here again and my skin is already showing it. Genes, age, sun exposure, and pregnancy all have played roles in turning me into one gigantic freckle. I am very bad about remembering to slather on all the various cremes I think I should use daily, which includes sunblock. But I try to remember because I don’t want these freckles that my husband thinks are cute to turn into ugly giant age spots when I’m old-er. A little smattering of dots across the bridge of the nose is cute on a kid or a supermodel, but when you have Swedish and Irish blood like me, you are cursed with freckles in weird, unwanted places such as your eyelids, your lips, your feet, and your…uh…bum.

But if this week’s copy of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue is any indication, freckles must be “in” this year. Looks to me like they have some new models with lots of em all over their bodies and for once they aren’t all covered up with makeup. So yeah, maybe freckles are “hot” or “sexy” this year. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


9 responses to this post.

  1. >You’re a trend setter!


  2. >I have tons of freckles (especially brought on by the sun…surprise!) and I LOVE them. They make me feel all cute.You look great!!


  3. >Oh I have freckles everywhere too!


  4. >Go with it girl. Rock the ass freckles!


  5. >Yay, Freckles!!


  6. >Nice story!


  7. >Oh, and the Weekend Words Challenge is up if you’d like to play.


  8. >Love freckles! I am the freckle-poster-child.


  9. >Wow! You’re so pretty. That is a great picture.


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