>WWC – Memorial Day

>Today we celebrated Memorial Day, a day to remember the fallen heros who served our great country in the military. John over at the Odd Mix has asked us to take a minute and remember the reason we celebrate today, and has chosen the words Remembrance and Duty for our Weekend Words Challenge. I gladly obliged.

Our family traveled north to my inlaws home way out in the country of upstate PA. We spent most of the weekend lounging by the mighty Susquehanna River. More about that later. But I took time to visit the cemetary where my husband’s grandparents rest. His grandmother left us just a few months ago and we missed her dearly this weekend. His grandfather died when he was much younger, but I was interested to find out that he had served during the Korean War. So here is my photo for Duty:

This picture could also fall under Remembrance, but I have a few others for that word. I had trouble choosing which I liked best, so you get all three!


7 responses to this post.

  1. >Your photos are awesome.


  2. >Very nicely done! I think the last remembrance is my favorite!


  3. >Really good pics! We had the same idea for one of our “remebrance” pics!


  4. >Great Photos!


  5. >Love the shadow one with the sunset. That is awesome shot!


  6. >The “Newcomer” grave stone gave me chills. How fitting huh? I love the setting sun picture too. It’s hard to catch those just right.


  7. >LOVE the Newcomer pic!


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