>Weekend Recap

>I know it’s Thursday and the weekend ended Monday, but when you take about 600 pictures there must be considerable time spent editing them. Yes, I spent most of the weekend behind the lens.

Our little family traveled north to visit my inlaws in Williamsport. Mike’s whole family shares a nice little campsite on the Susquehanna River where they spend every weekend all summer long. It is fondly known as “the riverlot”. They all have nice campers and there is a pavilion with refridgerators and even a flush toilet installed in a big yard shed. Most importantly there is plenty of space for kids and dogs to play.

The shirts say “I do all my own stunts”

Grammy bought Nathan a T-ball set

Swimming and fishing and wet dogs are all part of the riverlot

Drinking and lounging have been known to occur

Many games of cards are played

Nathan loves Heidi

Nathan’s legs are too long for this 4-wheeler

Nathan’s cousins have big expensive toys

Nathan likes baby Haley, but not when I hold her

He is fascinated by baby Mia’s ears

Uncle Doug teaches Nate to throw rocks in the river

His T-ball skills are quickly improving


6 responses to this post.

  1. >I love weekends like that – chilling with fam and friends is the bestest. 🙂


  2. >Nathan is very cute. Those will be great memories for you guys.Thanks for sharing


  3. >I like the shirts.Does Heidi love Nathan?Throwing rocks is cool until he decides to throw one at Haley or Mia while Mommy is holding “the little userper”.


  4. >Sounds like lots of fun!


  5. >Hee hee hee. Your son thinks that your face was replace with a D50, doesn’t he?600 pictures. Love it.


  6. >Looks like the best possible way to spend a weekend! =)


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