>Triumph and Tragedy

>John’s Weekend Word Challenge this week was to show the words Triumph and Tragedy. Like my last post said, I’ve been busy and was not able to put my full concentration on this assignment. But here ya go:

Triumph – Nathan is becoming a pro at building this block towers. He balances them higher than he can even reach them. Then he LOVES to knock them down and start over.

Tragedy – Nathan is headed full steam into the terrible twos and everything is a tragedy to him. Not getting a balloon at the supermarket is currently life’s biggest tragedy, which is making food shopping extremely difficult for mommy. Not being allowed to go down the basement or outside whenever he pleases or being forced to watch Nascar instead of Elmo are also causes for tantrums.


13 responses to this post.

  1. >Don’t worry about your little one being the focus of your camera so much. He is (and should be) after all, one of the primary foci of your life. It makes sense he would be in the lens – mine certainly are.Isn’t it funny how triumph and tragedy are a matter of perspective? Something that seems so small and passing to us – a disintegrating boquet, a lost crayon, a dead bug – can be an honstly gut wrenching ordeal to someone small. And pedaling a trike, stacking three blocks, catching a ball, or planting a flower can seem as thrilling as a lotto win.Thanks for the reminder that, regardless of my perspective, my children’s triumphs and tragedies are no less meaningful to them than mine are to me.


  2. >You are a mean mean mean mommy! I mean come on you wont let him do whatever he wants when he wants! HA


  3. >I love that he’s a little out of focus in the Tragedy pic. It drives home the motion of the photo…like he’s walking toward you and crying at the same time. Great job.And doesn’t Odd Mix just write the best comments ever?!


  4. >Great photo! This too shall pass… oh wait no it won’t… they keep crying even when they get older… my bad.


  5. >Great Pics. The Tradgedy face could be used as a theater mask, like Comedy and Tradgedy.


  6. >Ugh. Stupid blogger. I can’t see the second photo. But the first is perfect for the word. I like how the tower and your lil’ one aren’t center in the shot.And Odd Mix is right. Don’t worry about always using your son in your pictures. He’s your muse! Utilize that.


  7. >Oh man, terrible 2’s has gotta be rough. Just hang in there.


  8. >I love that in both pictures, the background is be-smattered with kid’s toys. Oh to be young again and be able to leave your toys everwhere. =)


  9. >that is one spiffy block tower 🙂


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