>Blogger Sucks

>Quick! Post and comment while you can!! I have been trying to post and/or leave comments all day with no success. I finally finished my four big papers and now I’m ready to kick back and enjoy some blogging and Flickring. Check out the awesome little bug I captured today…

Can you see it? I didn’t see it until AFTER I took a shot of the whole bush and zoomed in a lot.

Well I have lots to say cuz I haven’t said anything since Monday. But it’ll have to wait, cuz I’m dead tired. So talk to y’all tomorrow. Peace out.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >I have officially given Blogger the finger. I have imported my entire site to WordPress, comments and all. I will be posting there from now on. It was easy, it was clean, it was free, and best of all… it WORKS!!!!http://oddmix.wordpress.comYou might want to change the link in your sidebar when you get a chance.


  2. >oops, I told you about my move twice. Sorry – it was an ADD moment.


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