>Guess Who?

>It’s hard to miss a 7′ 2″ tall black dude amidst a sea of bluehaired people (senior citizens) leaving an early Sunday church service. Mike and I walked out the doors of the sanctuary into the large lobby and we almost ran right into him. I wondered if he might be a basketball player for a minute, and then Mike heard him say something and leaned over to whisper excitedly, “That’s Dikembe Mutombo!” I said “really? are you sure?” and looked again. It sure looked like him. Mike said “I heard his voice. It’s very low and gruff sounding, unmistakable.” We both pondered what on earth he would be doing at our church. He was dressed in a nice tan suit and was obviously attending the service. As we drove home we speculated about who he played for. I knew he had been traded to Philadelphia a few years ago, but I didn’t think he played for them now. Mike thought he was retired. I thought he had come from the Houston Rockets to the 76ers. Mike knew he had gone to Georgetown and swore he had played for the Nuggets.

When I got home I did a little research. He had played for a whole mess of teams, including Philly for only a year or two. He had been traded from the Atlanta Hawks. Now he was playing for Houston. Which didn’t explain why he would still be in Philadelphia. Through a litte more research I found out that he does indeed live in “a quiet Philly suburb” with his wife and seven kids, four of whom are adopted. Then it hit me…our church did a big workshop on adoption this past Saturday. Maybe he attended or spoke at it and decided to try out our church on Sunday too. Well I hope I keep seeing him around. From the research I did, he sounds like a pretty cool guy.

3 responses to this post.

  1. >That is awesome. My goodness, he is tall. He’d squish me like a bug.


  2. >Sounds cool. If he does start attending your church I recommend that you not sit behind him unless you don’t want to see the service.


  3. >Yowza….take a look at those feet!!


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