>Weekend Word Challenge

>Today is Nathan’s first day at his new daycare center, the Goddard School. I swear it was just as nervewracking for me as the first day of school for an older kid. I love the place, but it means a change of routine and environment for both of us. I got everything ready last night, got up bright and early and fed Nathan a nutricious breakfast (our former HDL always fed him at her house) and had him to the school by 7:30. Dropped off all his stuff and wandered into the room full of kids that are all around his age, but half his size. He was pretty standoffish, but spotted some balls and picked them up. When I bent down to give him a hug goodbye, he immediately dropped the balls and started whining. I waved bye-bye and started to walk away and the full-out crying began. His teacher was smart and picked him up into her arms right away so I could walk out. The poor girl is about six months pregnant and Nathan must be 10 lbs more than all his classmates. I waved through the window and watched his worried face, but he wasn’t crying. I know he’ll be fine and have a great time, but it’s tough to see him thrown into a strange place without me.

Moving on, this weekend’s fun photography assignment from Oddmix was in honor of Father’s Day, discipline and comfort. I thought about showing some of my exercise and comfort foods, but of course Nathan was the obvious choice. Discipline in our house is a time-out in the pack-n-play, which is very effective.

And comfort is either a bottle and a soft lap, or in this case, Daddy wiping a runny little nose. Between Nathan and my sick husband, we went through multiple boxes of tissues this weekend.


8 responses to this post.

  1. >He difinately doesn’t seem to be happy with his time out! haha Great pics.


  2. >I like your shots very much. The “Time Out” shot is particularly good. Amazing how they can break your heart and make you laugh at the same time, isn’t it?You are right about the flash. It was almost midnight and I was using my son’s point and shoot which is so automated that you CANNOT shut off the flash. Camera Lust is a terrible thing.


  3. >I love the daddy wiping the nose shot šŸ™‚


  4. >Quite the Drama King you seem to have there. I like your interpretations.


  5. >Awww. The first one made ME want to comfort him. What a heartbreaking expression! Great pictures though.


  6. >Another verb caught on film! Your discipline shot is perfect.


  7. >I know that look! The-world’s gonna-end-and-I-will-die-before-I get-out-of-this-thing look.Cute.Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh, no?


  8. >I love the fit in the pack n play! haha. We use a chair for similar purposes. How big is that boy of yours now? He looks to be the same size as Isaac, which is unheard of around these parts!


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