>And The Floods Came Up

>I know I described my lovely neighborhood of Mont Clare, PA in a post many moons ago. My house is a couple blocks away from the Schuylkill River and Schuylkill Canal, which runs along side the river through my village. My regular running route, before my knees made me quit, was along the road that runs between the canal and the river. This morning that road no longer exists.

Click here for the before picture.

I knew something was up when I left my house this morning to head to a location less than a mile away, and I found that the bridge into Phoenixville was closed. I tried to go two alternate routes and after crawling through traffic I found that both of those roads were closed as well. After an hour of driving not more than two miles in a big circle I went home in defeat. I put Nathan in the stroller and walked down to see the problem. Here’s why the bridge in my neighborhood was out.

The usually very busy road was empty of cars but full of all the people in my neighborhood, milling about and chatting with one another. Some were speculating how much higher the river would rise, while others were trying to figure out where to evacuate to. For several homes it was already too late. A favorite resturant of ours was already under water.

The mighty rushing river carrying tons of large debris was a sight to see this morning. My heart broke for my neighbors whose homes are or will be under water.


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  1. >Will your home be in danger at all?


  2. >delurking to say….so sorry! I’m a Jersey neighbor, work in center city and have been reading/watching the news about all the flooding. I love the many creeks and rivers we have in the area but my God, the flooding that occurs when it rains alot.My boss lives in Phoenixville, he must not be in the danger zone, yet.Wishing you luck and safety in the process.


  3. >No, my home is up a very steep hill at an elevation about 75 ft. above the river. Walking back and forth to the river is quite a workout.


  4. >I came here to check on you as well. Please be careful. I will keep y’all in my prayers.


  5. >I hope it receeds soon. Why is it rising? There hasn’t been lots of rain lately I don’t think.


  6. >Wow. Great pics. I was checking in to see if you were having any damage. Glad you are safe.


  7. >Yup, they closed our road (and every other road north of rt. 23 in Bridgeport) last night. The block closest to the river had flooded and was being evacuated. Luckily, I’m a few blocks away, out of the flood zone, and our house is totally dry, even the basement (a pleasant surprise).


  8. >Yikes!!Glad you’re high and dry.


  9. >For the first time in my life, I’m glad I live in Philly. At least where we are, we are in zero danger of a flood.


  10. >I was in the area yesterday for settlement. It is unbelievable! WOW you should see Pottstown and Collegeville same thing under water. Oh and the parking lot for the river over on 113 was completely under water!


  11. >Oh my goodness! I had no idea it was so bad up there! Glad to hear your home is safe!


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