>My Sister is In Labor!

Ever the consumate hostess, last night my nine-months-pregnant sister, Victoria, hosted a private fundraising dinner in the home of a wealthy board member with guest of honor U.S. Senator George Allen (R-Va) speaking. She said she had some good bonding time with George, who was very concerned about her condition. Near the end of the evening her water apparently broke and she called me from the hospital around 11pm to announce they were keeping her there and the baby was coming. They started her on Pitocin and I warned her that Pitocin contractions can really pack a wallop. I asked if she had learned any Lamaze type breathing or relaxation techniques and she said no. Uh oh…bad move. These techniques were a lifesaver to me in labor and I still use special focused breathing techniques to work through discomfort in yoga.

I called this morning to check on her and she sounded drunk. I asked her if she had been given Nubain or Stadol and she said yes, but she hadn’t progressed very much. Her platelets were apparently very low and they refuse to give her an epidural. They were talking C-section but wanted to avoid it because they would have to give her general anaestesia because they couldn’t give her a spinal with the low platelets. They decided to hold off on the C-section and are now just slowly letting her progress…in great pain. Poor kid, she’s gonna be at it awhile. But I have learned that the human body is amazing, sometimes superhuman, and we are made to give birth and can do it without any help if need be. Still, I feel for her.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >Great! Sort of…she will get through it one way or another. Keep us posted.


  2. >My best wishes to your sister. You know, back in the old days, doctors would make house calls and run to the fields where pregnant women were working to apply the epidurals.Like ieatcrayonz said, keep us posted. I would request a photo of Nathan holding his newborn cousin with a “What is this?” look on his face.


  3. >NO WAY! I didn’t know Vicki was pregnant!!! What a trooper. Hope all goes well (and quickly.)


  4. >Keep us informed!!!I’ll keep you all in my thoughts.


  5. >Yea for the new baby!I hope she it is all over soon and your sister has her baby in her arms~


  6. >All the best to everyone. xo


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