>Off to Grandma’s


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Well, Great-grandma that is. Tomorrow we will drive up to Boston for a long weekend at my Grandparents’ house. During the summer they live in a town called Weymouth on the South Shore of Boston Harbor. It is very picturesqe there, with tons of New England gardens and water everywhere, from the Harbor to the Atlantic, both only blocks away. We love to dine in one of the many marinas and watch the boats go in and out. Hopefully Nathan will be well-behaved and patient in their house full of antiques and during our notoriously long car rides and resturant meals with them. My grandmother can’t walk much anymore so I suspect I won’t get to do much sightseeing or shopping downtown like I used to. Hopefully I will at least get to hit the mega Talbots outlet down the street in Hingham, where Talbots corporate headquarters are. We shall see. Well I’ll be back on Tuesday. Have a nice weekend y’all!

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  1. >Have a great weekend and of course take lots of pictures!


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