>Yoga Toga

>I’m afraid I can’t write too much about my yoga class anymore. At least the social dynamics. Certain previously mentioned instructors now know of the existance of this blog and that they are somewhere described within the archives. Whose fault is it that they know? My big mouth, of course.

Suffice it to say that the past few weeks of yoga have been great. One instructor is still on vacation and the other instructor and I get along swimmingly. I have FINALLY managed to find the balance in Crow pose (Bakasana) and hold myself up in the air awhile not feeling any need to fall down.

Now I am working on Side Crow. Very hard, indeed. Still can’t get myself up into Upward Bow (Urdva Dandarasana) but I love it once I’m in assisted into it.

Yoga is the ONE thing that makes me forget what I look like, how many pounds I need to lose, or how weak I am. It makes me feel strong and graceful, calm and relaxed.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >Good for you mastering that pose. It is not an easy one I know and I have done more then a few face plants.


  2. >How long do you hold that position? I know nothing about yoga, but that does not look like something one could accomplish if one were really “weak”.


  3. >Hmm, how many posts did you have to go back and edit? Snicker.


  4. >You know what’s funny? I used to advertise to my friends that I had a blog and now I try to hide it!That looks likre really hard…I want to see a pic of you once you master it! đŸ˜‰


  5. >Well r42k, I have worked on Bakasana for a year now, doing lots of face plants and getting tons of bruises on my triceps. I’m happy to find balance. Oddmix, you hold it for as long as you can! Truthfully it is mostly about balance, not strength. It’s about facing your fear of falling forward. I can maybe hold it for a minute or two before I rock backward or forward. Yonzie, believe it or not I decided not to edit any old posts. I told Jen outright that I called her a yoga-nazi and not to take offense because she’s a really good instructor. And if somebody else really wants to go back through my archives and find out what I think about him, well so be it. Personally I don’t think he cares enough or has enough time on his hands to do that…although we’ve been talking photography and he DID compliment my pink gerber daisy photos on Flickr. TKW…your wish is my command…er..something like that.


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