>Very Zen Jen

>Ok so I’m gonna write about yoga again, regardless of whether or not Jen or Mark read this. I’ve been going to class faithfully every Tues and Thursday night, and doing some practice at home as well. So I get decent progress. I miss having my friends SuperKimber and Barbara in class to chat with, but I’ve met some new people who attend regularly. One is a middle-aged dad named Bill who is very disciplined and quite funny. I am jealous of his headstands. Another is a pint-sized spitfire of a woman who is very muscular, new to yoga, and full of energy and questions. And of course there’s Mark, who teaches on Tuesdays and practices on Thursdays, and Jen, our Guru, who teaches on Thursdays.

Jen just returned from a month long vacation in Scandanavia. I followed her adventures through her husband’s blog. I think it totally mellowed her out or something. Tonight Jen could not possibly be called the yoga-nazi, even though she started teaching Chaturgana and was still pretty strict about it. She was funny, philosophical, and inspiring. She balanced the hard work of Plank-Chaturanga-Updog-Downdog (several hundred times) with some relaxing new poses, shoulder stretches, a Pranayama practice, and some focus on Moola Bandha, which is working the pelvic floor muscles. Mark’s intro to Chaturanga on Tuesday (which I had to demo for the class) was overall at much harder class than Jen’s. I was sweating hard by the end of that class.

On a side note, I have been reading and studying the history and philosophy of yoga lately. It’s all very interesting, as diving into the history requires learning about many vastly different religious beliefs than my own. Mark and I have been discussing this side of things, and he let me borrow some cool music to practice to, including a wonderful CD called Pilgrim Heart by Krishna Das. Don’t really like the meaning of the lyrics but LOVE the chanting and melodies. Reminds me of some of our modern worship songs with simple lyrics repeated over and over.

Additionally, several months ago I mentioned to my hair stylist that she should try my yoga class. She’s a 19 year old cheerleader and gymnist who was getting bored with her workout routine at the Y. I told her it was so relaxing and strengthening, and the instructor was cute and funny. So finally she started coming! And after a couple weeks of calling her by the name I knew, she tells me her REAL name is something different than what she goes by at the salon. Crazy. Only problem is every week I am reminded that I haven’t had my hair done in three months. Embaressing since she always looks perfect for class…hair done up and accessorized, full makeup, and tight little body in yoga gear. Ah well, she’s young. And I make more money than her. That’s the important thing in life, right? NOT.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >That’s always a dilemma to ponder. Would you trade in financial security for the beauty of youth? For me, right now I would have to say yes! 🙂


  2. >Financial security is way more important that good accessories.


  3. >That is cool your stylist joined the class. Crazy how she goes by a different name at the salon!Keep up the Yoga that is awesome I really should get into something like that!


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