>We are so spoiled

>So Mike’s out of town this week, and I took Nathan to the Y and went to yoga class Tuesday night. Nothing unusual there. Dark clouds were rolling in so the pool closed early and there was a mass exodus just as I arrived. It has been well up into the 90’s with high humidity all week. As yoga started we began to hear some big thunder and see some lightning, but we were all in the yoga “zone” and it didn’t distract us. Halfway through class they called all the parents to check on their kids because some kids were very upset by the storm. Nathan was calm, cool, and collected as always. Just as Mark and I were walking out of the Y the power there went out. On the way home I noticed some branches down and tons of debris on the road. Then I came to several traffic signals with no power.

I realized quickly my home’s power was out, and the storm had evidently been pretty vicious. My swing was flipped upside down with large holes in the fabric canopy. One of my neighbors must have rescued my baby pool from blowing to kingdom come and wedged it onto my front porch. My heavy leather grill cover had blown off. The house was already getting pretty hot as I put Nathan to bed amidst a dozen candles. I wondered how people ever changed poopy diapers by candlelight. I didn’t open Nathan’s window because I figured the power would be back soon and the A/C would come back on.

That’s where I was wrong. Tossed and turned in the heat all night. Next morning, still no power. Poor kid was soaked in sweat. Called my mom, who lives almost an hour south…she still had no power either. She gave me the ominous news that people were saying it could be the weekend till power was restored. I thought she was exaggerating, so I put Nathan in the car in order to recharge my cell phone and find breakfast. I drove five miles one direction and found a McDonalds…with no power. I drove back past my house and three miles the other way to find a McDonalds…with no power. I heard the news say that 500,000 people were powerless and yes, it could be till the weekend, still three days away.

I drove five more miles west and finally found a McDonalds with power, and sat Nathan down for a yummy breakfast. By the time we got home we were melting in the house. We had water, so I did some cleaning. What else are you gonna do when there’s no TV, no internet, no way to work. Then we headed to the big mall for some relief.

I made a quick stop into my camera store and was thrilled to find, after three previous attempts, that the wireless remote for Norton the Nikon was in stock. Also found a very cute outfit at Old Navy, but upon testing the wireless remote and the new outfit simultaneously I decided the top makes me look pregnant, which I am not. Here’s proof of the new toy and the new outfit. Top will probably go back.

Anyway we had lunch with my mom, and Nathan went home to nap in the heat. He woke up soaked in sweat and very unsettled, so I opted to take us to the pool. Stopped at the firehouse to pick up dry ice but they were already out an hour after it was available. We had a great time at the pool, but went home around 6pm and still no power. Then we went to meet my mom for dinner. Can’t open the fridge or cook, afterall. I got fresh milk and ice and headed home for another night in the darkness and heat. At 9pm we finally got home and found that the power was back on and the A/C was working hard. More importantly, my internet connection was back up and running. Thank goodness!


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  1. >I think you should keep the top, it’s cute. I think all tops like that make folks look pregnant but they’re cute.


  2. >Funny, we were talking at lunch today about the big blackout a few years ago. I kind of enjoyed the silence and no power.


  3. >Wow, it’s too bad it didn’t happen while on your trip. Of course, coming home to a stinky fridge is no fun.Man, you get all the adventures up there.


  4. >it is amazing how dependent on electricity we are. We have a small generator we can use to power the fridge, a fan, acouple of lights and the TV. The big issue we face in a blackout is water because we have an electric pump in the well.


  5. >I know amazing I was without power on tuesday but luckily it was back on Wednesday Morning, but my ex bil supposedly still has no power and the ex was telling me one of his sisters investment properties by your house had a tree fall through it!That storm was terrible!I love the top! You should have called me you and Nathan could have come and spent the night at my house!


  6. >Oh and do you have a tripod? How much was the remote at the camera shop?


  7. >Them’s mighty fine clothes, miss. Yer prettier than a shiny new tractor at Christmastime. You don’t look in the “family way” one bit.


  8. >Yowza! Very nice!


  9. >Isn’t it odd, I am probably only 4 miles from you and we lost power for about 10 minutes? Weird how that works.Anyway, glad you got it back! And that’s a really cute shirt.


  10. >When the ice storms decimated our power a few years ago, similar situation, except we were freezing! My aunt and uncle, in the suburbs, were without power for more than a week!


  11. >Hm…I have new readers. Odd ones at that. But hey, they all left nice comments so GREAT! Oh and I SO wasn’t fishing, I wanted the honest opinion of my FEMALE readers about the maternity factor of the shirt. Plus two of my readers will be interested that I joined the itty bitty wireless remote club.


  12. >I meant every word, Ma’am. I always respect the ladies.


  13. >I’m a little late on my comments here, but I wanted to let you know that I thought you looked WONDERFUL in the outfit! Very youthful and fun. It is a great summer outfit, and I don’t think that the shirt makes you look pregnant. On another note, we were in the process of helping some friends move from apartment to the house they just bought when they also lost power. They got it back around 4 in the morning, so it wasn’t that bad for them though. Luckily for us we did not lose ours. Although i do have to laugh at all the people that were “just dying” without their A/C. Travis and I have none and we haven’t bit the big one yet!! 🙂


  14. >Oh my goodness. That sounds so awful. Glad it’s all restored. And as for the top. It’s cute, even if it has the pg look, but I know that’s not what you want to see now. As I see the young teenagers wearing this style of shirt I wonder how many of them have actually looked into the mirror with it on? Surely if someone commented they looked pg, they would never wear it again. funny.


  15. >All the tops are that cut now, it’s the style. stinks, huh?We went camping last weekend and had that kind of heat, Isaac did not sleep at all for his naps. not good, not good at all. At least it wasn’t a full three days in it, all though two is bad enough. eek.


  16. >We got the remote this week too!!!!!! Too funny!!!! The outfit is cute, but I see what you mean about the top. Glad your electric wasn’t out for too long.


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