>Fridays Rule

>Yesterday was a really great day. Very simple, but it made me happy. Nathan woke up early and in a good mood so I decided to brave the supermarket and try something new. I haven’t been able to take him to the grocery store without a complete meltdown over not getting a balloon for quite awhile. So I’ve been avoiding it altogether, but with the power out for so long I needed to completely restock. An idea hit me to put him in one of the shopping carts with the little kid cars on the front. Worked like a charm, he was an angel and I had a great food shopping trip.

It was so hot we went to the pool. Only thing that would have made that better is if someone I knew, like my friend JL, had been there to chat with. Nathan crashed in the car on the way home. During his nap I worked on some engineering projects and talked to my colleagues. Then my wonderful husband, whom I had been missing all week, came home from his trip. I told him I need to go to Macy’s to pick up some bedding I called and asked them to set aside for me. I saw this beautiful 24 piece set in a sale catalogue for a great price and called right away. Our comforter was looking worn and we still had no window treatments in our bedroom, and this set contained a comforter, bedskirt, sheets, four shams, two smaller pillows, AND drapes and valances! When I get it all up I’ll take a picture and show ya.

Going to the mall with my family is always a pleasure for me. I LOVE shopping!! Sometimes I get decked out before I go because it’s a very upscale type mall. I got the bedding, some extra sheets, and a cute shirt for Nathan at Nautica kids. We had a nice dinner in the food court and stopped at Target on the way home, where I picked up some new pillows as well. Such a lovely day and I’m so happy to have Mike home.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >I so love days like that. Definitely want to see the new bedding. 🙂


  2. >I can’t believe you get decked out to go the Mall, would that happen to be the KofP mall? If so, I understand a little because of the stores they have there. But it’s still funny that you do. : )


  3. >Let’s see that new bed set!!!! LOVE the mall. I’ll go with you anytime!!!


  4. >teri- yes, KOP mall. When you have kids and not many chances to dress up, you use even silly excuses like shopping. Besides, you should SEE the women there. dcrmom- I don’t know if you ever go to the mall with your three kids, but if you do, CALL ME! I’m a shopaholic.


  5. >Yea for new bedding!I love getting new bedding and things to decorate!I love to dress up and go to the mall as well!


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