>Saturdays are good too


New Haircut
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.

I’d consider today a pretty productive day. Rushed off to the gym this morning for a quickie morning workout. Showered and went right over to the salon where I FINALLY had made a hair appointment with Chloe, who is now in my yoga class. Was not happy when she touched my hair and more or less described it as “Ick”. Oh, funny thing, she asked me if Mark the yoga hottie was gay. Hmm….Mark, if you’re reading this…no offense. I told her no, he in fact has a girlfriend, just many gay characteristics, such as loving Gerber daisies.

I also got my eyebrows waxed, which I always love and badly needed. Don’t they look so much better?! (except for the slight redness)

When I got home I dragged my family off to the Exton mall to find curtain rods for the new curtains I got last night. And square Euro pillows for the new shams. Plus they have a great food court and an indoor play area there. Fun was had by all.

During Nathan’s nap I actually gave myself a manicure. My nails were LONG but I never ever polish them, so this was a rarity. Not crazy about the color I chose though, so I may have to redo them. What I really wanted was a French manicure AND pedicure, but I’ve spent more than enough money already this weekend.

Then we went to Outback for dinner, Linens N Things for the curtain rods, and the pet store for a new fish…a powder blue gorami named Papa Smurf. I finished the evening watching Jarhead on DVD…which I enjoyed very much, mainly due to Jake Gyllenhaal’s nekkid body.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >Hahaha!! We are clones, are we not? I got a french manicure and pedicure yesterday. Just a little treat after a long hard week. To me from me. Love that! 🙂


  2. >Very nice haircut.


  3. >You look great! brows are lovely!LoVE a french mani/pedi. A wonderful pick me up.


  4. >Oh, yeah, the haircut is adorable.


  5. >Sounds like a great weekend.Sorry I have not responded to your email, things have been insane. Raincheck for our pool party!


  6. >And oh my goodness I can not believe I forgot to say you look HAWT, HAWT, HAWT!


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