>Don’t Quit Your Dayjob


Nathan July 2006
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.

Just yet, anyway. I am having fun taking photos as always, but my dear sweet friend ieatcrayonz is so far ahead of me on the learning curve! I need to learn a few things about lighting, for starters. And there’s so much equipment I COULD buy to set up my makeshift studio. It’s so much fun dreaming.

My husband may get some income from his hobby sooner than I do! Not fair not fair! Awhile back he started a new blog, exclusively dedicated to Penn State football. This is an obsession of his and he keeps up on all the news and watches every game, so it’s not hard for him to write intelligently about it. Plus I think he has turned into a pretty darn good sports analyst and writer in general. Apparently someone else thought so too, because he’s been invited to do a semi-professional type blog dedicated to Penn State over on Sports Blogs Nation. Because it would be more than just an occasional post for fun, we talked about it at length and reviewed all contracts very carefully. But I think he’s going to go ahead with it and see what happens! I’ll post the link as soon as the new blog is up.


7 responses to this post.

  1. >Congratulations to the hubs! and the pic is still very cute.


  2. >One of my friends graduated from Penn State and a few of our other friends are total geeks for the Lions, they even venture out to State College to watch games quite frequently.


  3. >Oh, you are too sweet. You’ll get there. When you do what you love, everything will fall into place. Your husband is a testament to that for sure. 😉


  4. >Nathan looks like such a little man now!how cool about the blog, I thought that kind of stuff only happened in sitcoms!


  5. >That’s too cool!!


  6. >Look how huge his feet are!


  7. >That is so great. Your pictures are coming along. I NEED ALOT OF WORK ON MY LIGHTING AS WELL!


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