Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.

Yes, that IS me, doing Bakasana, or Crow/Crane pose. And holding that balance in place so Mike could take a picture. There are a few other poses over in my Flickr account.

After seeing a photograph of my Chaturanga Dandasana, I realize it still SUCKS and I need to work on that upper arm strength.


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Well I am impressed!


  2. >You are too hard on yourself. That is a very tough pose and you aced it.


  3. >you are my idol.


  4. >Very cool!


  5. >That should be a field sobriety test state troopers give to suspected drunk drivers.


  6. >yeah right Dick…if a trooper asked me to do that I would’ve been thrown in jail up until a month ago. Took me almost a year to get that.


  7. >Holy shit, you can do that? I am way impressed. I so won’t ever piss you off if we met because you could clearly kick my ass.


  8. >Wow, have you been hanging out with Madonna lately? Good job!


  9. >By the way, I don’t think I could kick anybody’s ass. Yoga is all about non-violence anyway.


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