>So Sweet


So Sweet
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Sugar is my best friend and my worst enemy. I cannot seem to resist it. It is seemingly the last thing I cannot claim victory over. I exercise, I do yoga, I read, I sing, I go to church, I pray, I try to do only positive things and think positive thoughts. But I crave sugar…constantly. WHY? I got rid of all the sweets in my house last week, and then one night I paced around the kitchen going nuts looking for something to satisfy my craving. I wasn’t even hungry but I came THIS CLOSE to making a dairy queen run. This morning I had not one but TWO fattening breakfasts. One on the way home from daycare, and then I needed more coffee so I grabbed a couple mini-muffins after Physical Therapy. Sugar! is why I am not a size 6. Fruit does not cut it. Aspartame does not cut it. Sugar, often in the form of chocolate, is a habit I cannot seem to kick. Any advice, y’all?


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  1. >Oprah had those 65 calorie sugar free and fat free chocolate pops on her show yesterday.How about some chocolate graham crackers?


  2. >Sugar free fudgsicles are good.I am that way with pizza. I had to completely cut it out of my diets for months so I could get control over my pizza eating habits. Now I can eat it in moderation, but it took a long time to get to this point.


  3. >Get really, I mean really, good chocolate. My wife is satisfied with two little squares of some extremely good dark chocolate that I buy her. Satisfies the cravings with under 100 calories.Plus chocolate is an aphrodisiac so you can’t argue with that.


  4. >Take up smoking.


  5. >If you solve this problem, you’ll be a millionaire. 😉


  6. >Oh man, I so wish I had an answer for you, dear. I tend to always crave not good for me food but when I am PMSing I am ridiculous. I could inhale an ice cream cone and then want something salty. It’s ridiculous.


  7. >I guess I have to try buying some sugar-free alternatives. Usually they just don’t cut it with me. Chocolate graham crackers aren’t my thing. r42k – my problem is all about moderation. I don’t think any amount of REALLY good chocolate would last in my house. I might have two bites now and put it back, but I’d crave it again a couple hours later, etc.


  8. >I told you you need to go through sugar de-tox. Do whatever you have to do to go a week or two without sweets. Eventually the cravings will go away once your blood sugar comes down to a normal level.


  9. >What is that your son is holding? I can’t make it out.


  10. >Oh, that’s a stuffed raccoon from that movie Over the Hedge. I have no idea what it’s name is, all I know is it was on sale at Kohl’s for $2.50.


  11. >If you really crave chocolate you could have a seratonin imbalance. Chocolate (and peanutbutter, too) contains a chemical which stimulates your brain to produce more seratonin. People who deal with depression are VERY frequently addicted to chocolate and/or PB. They are naturally self medicating.


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