>Yesterday was a jackpot day. Highly unusual for Mondays, I know. It started off by me waking up in my new luxurious bargain bedding, with my new bargain headboard, in a room darkened by new bargain drapes. Remember I mentioned the bedding the other day? You would be shocked if I told you what a steal it was. Take a look first.

Recall that the king size bedding set contained 24 pieces, including comfortor, sheets, pillows, shams, curtains, etc. It’s not cheap looking either, very silky and plush. The whole set was $150 at Macy’s. Now see that headboard back there? King size with wood posts and iron rails coated in an olive green color that matches the bedding…$75! Jackpot.

Moving on. Dropped Nathan off at daycare and he didn’t even cry. Work was productive and relaxed. Met my mom for lunch and stuck to my brand new diet all day. Did I mentioned it’s hotter than H-E-double-hockey-sticks here? Nathan slept for three and half hours while I shopped for a laptop online. I was struggling with all the different options and Mark, my yoga instructor/IT helper, magically appeared to instant message me into laptop heaven. He’s cool like that. I got a rockin’ new Dell for my new portable office that will be shipped to the beachhouse next week! God forbid I should go a week without checking email. Jackpot.

After dinner we went to the gym and I worked my tail off, which felt great. Literally, because after that and my good diet day my scale read almost four pounds less this morning. Jackpot.

Here’s the clincher. Remember the Photodoto.com summer photo contest I entered? I wrote about it a few days ago. Well they had a drawing for a free Flickr pro account among the people that wrote about the contest and I WON! Jackpot!! Too bad I didn’t win for my photo, but when you compare it to the winners you can see why. Since I already have a paid-for Flickr pro account, I can extend it or give it away. Any budding photogs in desperate need of more uploading capacity?


14 responses to this post.

  1. >No friggin way! You lucky dog. Congrats!


  2. >Well, if you are looking for takers, I’d be happy to see more than my most recent 200 photos again. ;)And what a Jackpot day that sounds like! Too cool on the Dell.


  3. >great bedroom, very chic.gonna be 100 today and 102 tomorrow. what are we in hell, literally? it’s never this hot here.


  4. >I looooove bargains. Doesn’t it feel good? Beautiful bedding, by the way!Hope your jackpot streak continues…


  5. >WOW! Love the bedding. What is this new diet??


  6. >Well I would not mind having the flickr pro account but right now I am just figuring out the free one. Hey maybe we could trade. I will treat you to dinner, etc. What a steal that bedding and head board are. They are beautiful!I stuck to my new diet all day yesterday and yes it is hot as heck here!


  7. >I never, ever stumble across great sales like that!!!! When I do the bed stuff is zebra striped or leopard spotted!Lucky you! the bedroom is gorgeous.Congrats on the 4lbs and the Flicker win!


  8. >That was a very good day. I hope you have more that good.


  9. >How about me? I have a new baby to show off?


  10. >Oh my goodness could anonymous be your sister?Give her the free flickr site so we can see that sweet baby of hers!~


  11. >Ok ya’ll, here’s the scoop. I wasn’t actually gonna give it to anybody BUT Oddmix mentioned his interest first and he’s the perfect person to give it to. He’s already a bigtime photo enthusiast with several hundred photos in Flickr. TBG you’ll just have to get one. And Anonymous (Victoria!) you will never need it, trust me. You just don’t take enough pictures to need more than the free account. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy ya one.


  12. >Congratulations! I hope today is as wonderful.


  13. >Yea, yea, yea for you!! Gorgeous bedding and a talented artist to boot!!!


  14. >I am so digging that bedding.I am a new bedding whore.


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