It is amazing how relaxing the past few days have been. With the exception of a few struggles to get the wireless internet working, we are carefree. I love my mom’s beachhouse, and Nathan has finally adapted to the sand and surf, although he still won’t go in the ocean. I have had great fun taking some amazing pictures, some of which are on Flickr and more will be up soon. For you non-Flickrites, I’ll post a few here too.

The only bummer has been that the yoga classes on the beach I was so looking forward to were cancelled. I guess our community lost its resident yoga instructor. I got up Tues for a 7am class and nobody showed up. So I asked and found out there is no more yoga. Pilates and kickboxing galore, but no yoga. Wah! So I just went back to the house and put my mat out on our deck overlooking the lake and practiced solo. Very nice!

Loving my new laptop so there will be more posting soon!


8 responses to this post.

  1. >Holy crap, you are some kind of devoted to the yoga. I do no exercise during vacation.


  2. >Did someone say beach house? That sounds so Hamptony…I’m jealous!


  3. >Yeah uh…NOT Hamptony really…but we can imagine. The people in this town are generally pretty wealthy, but the houses are small compared to the Hamptons and all smushed together, unlike the Hamptons.


  4. >Oh I am so glad you are having a great vacation. I am heading over to your flickr account and checking out your wonderful pictures~


  5. >That is a seriously fantastic picture of you. You look great! I can tell you’re relaxed. Good for you!


  6. >i meant to say something about the photos as well, very nice. you folks take some good pictures and the boy is cute as a button. and the picture of you and the boy is extremely cute. I’m always in awe of people who can take a picture and look natural, mine are always fake looking because I HATE to smile, unless someone’s cracking a joke. what a child some of us are.


  7. >You look very peaceful there. Very nice!


  8. >Do some yoga yourself. I remember running and finishing up with yoga on the beach when I went to Hilton Head. True Bliss.Enjoy your vacation.


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