>Go Penn State!

>Sorry I didn’t have time to play SPF today. Things have been CRAZY busy around here. I feel like I haven’t gotten anything productive done at work lately. But it’s all good. Yesterday I went with my friend Dawn to a political rally for Senator Rick Santorum, with special guest Sen. Elizabeth Dole. It was fun. Pictures to follow.

Today we are driving up to Williamsport, PA to stay with my inlaws for the weekend. Mike and I will be leaving at 5am tomorrow morning to be at Beaver Stadium at 6:30am for tailgating before Penn State’s first football game of the season. Only problem is Hurricane Ernesto has a path headed right for State College, due to hit hard exactly around gametime. So think of me, sitting in the stadium in the soaking rain. Don’t laugh. I’m die-hard.

Go Nittany Lions!!! Beat the Zips!! (hehe…what a stupid team name for Akron)


10 responses to this post.

  1. >Bummer! Have fun. Lots of fun.


  2. >You probably know this but if I lived in Penn. I doubt I would be voting for Rick. I am sure you are shocked.;-)Enjoy the game. You are nuts for tailgating at 6:30 in the morning.


  3. >Have fun at your game! Try to stay dry…And add me to the list of folks who want to Kick Out Rick in ’06!


  4. >Gooooooooooooooooooooo Lions!(that was just for you)


  5. >I know a few people who might be up there with you.have a great time and stay dry.


  6. >Oh I so remember Rick Santorum from my time living in the Burgh.Girl, if you sit in the rain, then you must love you some football. I knew I liked you for a reason. 🙂 Have a fab time.


  7. >have FUN!!!


  8. >Oh yeah I’m not so shocked about either of you, running42K and Lori. That’s ok, Canadians can’t vote. Lori is just misguided.


  9. >I don’t live in PA but I’m with Running42k and Lori. Mainline Mom must be a Republican. We can respect that. But out with the Rick.


  10. >Guys, it does SAY right up there in the upper right hand corner under my picture that I’m a conservative. Rick is THE MAN. I love him.


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