>Politicizing 9/11

>The September 11th remembrances and tributes on everyone’s blogs yesterday were really great. I think it is important to remember the victims of that day. I saw some comments regarding the politicizing of the anniversary and disrespecting of the vicitms. I also heard President Bush’s entire speech last night, and was left with mixed feelings about its appropriatness. Not because I disagree with him, but because my thoughts that day were so much for the victims, which really includes all of us in the U.S. who were struck with real fear for our safety that day.

But I think it is not disrespectful of those lost on 9/11 to remember who it is that attacked us, and resolve to fight back and protect ourselves. I really believe in this war against our ideological antagonists who would rather see us all dead than live in peace. I may not like the way it has been managed, but I believe the President is a good man with the best of intentions for this country and seeks only to protect our people. It’s not ok or productive to trash all liberals or mock all Republicans. That’s stereotyping, and it’s wrong.

Today I met someone who made me stop and think about politics and this war. His name is Mike and we chatted about football at the rehab clinic I go to twice a week for my knees. He’s a pretty good looking guy that doesn’t say much while we work out. I had seen him before and knew he was injured in Iraq. The therapist told me about an interview Mike did on Fox News so I went home and checked it out.

I learned that he has a Purple Heart and is up for the Bronze Star award for valor. He was on a patrol when a mine blew up under his humvee, tearing it apart. Then some insurgents started shooting at them, and he was shot in the leg and the bone was shattered. He was eventually resecued and has had over a year of surgeries and rehab. He still has a big stabalizing cage on his leg with screws and stuff sticking all through it. When I saw him last he was on crutches, but today he told me he’d been out playing golf. From the interview and other news articles I read about him, it is clear he supports this war effort and would go back to Iraq in a minute if he could. Just like me, he has even volunteered to support Senator Rick Santorum, because of his fight against Islamic fascism. His injuries and enthusiasm made me feel like an idiot for complaining about my sore knees. Next time I see Mike at rehab, you’d better believe I will thank him for his service.


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  1. >I hate people.


  2. >How is the knee coming along? I hope you are out running soon.As for the politics in the post, I disagree with a few things. I know you are surprised. The important thing to remember is that 9/11 had NOTHING to do with Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell lied repeatedly. The con job they pulled would make Goebbels proud.America would still have the world’s respect had they found Bin Laden and stabilized Afganistan. It was the Iraq detour that destroyed that.


  3. >Thank you for sharing Mike’s story with us. These are the stories that need to be shared. Tell him thank you from a former Marine in KS when you see him next!


  4. >Wow, what an incredible man. I’d cry like a baby if I was shot in the leg by an AK47. I’m just not a brave person like that. I’m glad that there are people out there like him, though.


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