>Happy in Happy Valley

>Hi y’all! The sun peeked out for a bit in State College today. It’s so much nicer tailgating when we aren’t in the eye of a hurricane. Somehow our tailgate ended up right next door to the official tailgate of Penn State’s AICHE (Chemical Engineers) student chapter. The Hubs and I are both alums, but I was swiftly reminded of how long ago that was. It seems my thesis advisor, Dr. Larry Duda, is on his deathbed with cancer. Shame, he’s a lovely man. Everywhere I looked were cute little coeds reminding me of my age.

Penn State beat Youngstown State handily, as well they should have. Tomorrow we will have a little birthday party for the kiddo. Pictures of Happy Valley and the birthday party to follow.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >Sounds like you are having a great time! Yea for the sun coming out!


  2. >I’m glad the weather cleared up for you Mainline.It sounds like you had two things to remind you that life was passing… the young college girls bouncing around and the Thesis advisor stricken with a terminal illness.Life goes so quickly… I turned around one day and one of those young college girls bouncing around me was my own daughter who is now 22 years old.Hang on tight to every moment you have and try to not let it slip away quickly.You’re already doing something priceless in actively taking as many quality photographs as you can!


  3. >Hope the party today was a blast. You winding down yet?


  4. >I’m so wound down that I can barely keep my eyes open, which includes being too tired to edit all the pictures I took this weekend and post any!! THAT’S tired. I don’t know why. Now I must go to bed and wait until work tomorrow to do some more editing and blogging…hehehe.


  5. >Do you EVER work? 😛


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