>FUG Thursday


Nittany Lion Mascot 98-99
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.

This is my first time playing Kami’s FUG Thursday. And it was somewhat accidental. This girl was tailgating next to us at the Penn State game last weekend. This is just a bad look, even if you are still in college.


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  1. >I thought the same thing when I originally saw this picture in your Flickr. what’s the point of this outfit???


  2. >My my aren’t we catty!


  3. >Goodness, goodness. IT IS 2006, not 1986.Mike, she is providing a public service.


  4. >May I suggest you all are judging her based on your sense of style…which is based on 1986. I saw a lot of college girls wearing similar outfits that weekend.


  5. >Leggings are back and they are terrible!I am in College and my era is now and I can say it is still ugly! UGLY!And yes it is all over campus but I will stick to what I said it is UGLY!


  6. >Is that the mom? Is the daughter drinking in front of her dad? No matter, still a bad look.


  7. >No Tutu, all the people in the picture are either in college or recent grads.


  8. >I said it on another blog – I hate this look…it doesnt look good on anyone! Not even if your that skinny and still in college…this is hidious!I played as well!


  9. >Thats HOT!


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