>Hooray for Thursday!

>It’s TV night. The season premieres of The Office AND Grey’s Anatomy. Plus the new show Six Degrees. I am so excited! Why don’t I have TiVo yet?? Someone please tell me. I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip the other night and, may I say, it did not disappoint. I LOVED it. I only wish it were on earlier. Aaron Sorkin’s writing is genious, and Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are so funny. I especially love the Christian actress and her devout, yet not-so-stuffy convictions. It reminds me of myself, because this morning my physical therapist expressed great disbelief over my blog profile which uses the terms “Christian” and “punk rock girl” in the same breath.

Additionally exciting about tonight is yoga class, which should rock. Tuesday’s class is for advanced practitioners so we have been doing a lot of listening so that Jen’s new pupils can play catch up. We’ve had much more dialogue and a lot of anatomy lessons. But Thursday’s class is a combined first and second level class, so she just made us sweat a lot. I think she may have been doing her usual “weed-out” routine, wherein people discover that her style of yoga is hard work and not all relaxation. So tonight outta be a good workout. Mark missed last Thursday, and I have not had a chance to chat with him in quite some time, so I have no idea if he will be there tonight or not. On Tuesday we just made lots of funny faces at each other and goofed around while Jen did all the talking. Turns out spitfire girl’s name is Kathy and she’s a gymnast. This explains a lot. I think my hairstylist-with-two-names dropped out this session. I have an appointment with her Saturday so I will find out what the deal is there.

Speaking of hair appointments, I am spending some extra bucks this week to add some pizazz to my boring natural brown color. All this high maintenance is of course for my trip to Dallas next month where I will pack a year’s worth of presenting, brainstorming, negotiating, and socializing with several HUNDRED of my good friends and colleagues into four short days. I burn about five thousand calories a day during this trip and don’t actually sleep until I get home.

My point is, I would like suggestions. You’ve all seen my current mousy dark brown do. I used to have tons and tons of blonde highlights, but looking back at the photos I think it didn’t look that good. So suggestions? I bounce around between Eva Longoria’s dark gloss to Jessica Alba’s honey highlights. But both of these girls are dark-skinned with deep tans to work their brunette heads. I, on the other hand, am fair and freckled. So what to do??


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  1. >you know, Comcast offers DVR with your digital cable, if you have digital.DVR=TivoIt’s fabulous!


  2. >I think your hair would look better from Eva’s point of view. I think it looks better if it’s more natural looking and blond doesn’t cut it if your hair is darker.I love hightlights and also have mousy dark blondish/light brownish hair.


  3. >Would you believe I don’t have digital cable either? I know, right?!


  4. >Get it, you’ll never go back. You know what I was doing at 3am.Love the Eva look, love the Jessica look even more. I dunno. I just do highlights in my hair. I’ve never had any luck with coloring. Step away from the reds.


  5. >TV??? What is that? As for the hair, did we not do this already? If so, you know what look I like but then again, Im a guy!


  6. >Dang, I missed Studio 60…I hate when I do that.It’s fall/winter…I’d go for the darker now and then when spring arrives head back lighter toward the blonde…


  7. >Auburn highlights. Works for me, and we have similar coloring. I was blonde for about two minutes several years ago, and my hair is STILL recovering…


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