>Stuff Portrait Friday Goes Deep

>Well, sorta deep. I don’t really “do” deep on my blog, so here ya go…
1. Something you’ve outgrown
2. Something you’ve overcome
3. I need help with…

1. Something I’ve Outgrown: Static Energy. You know, laziness. The predilection for sleeping till 10 on weekends, napping on the couch, and watching hours of TV. I was the laziest kid you’d ever meet. I hated exerting any physical effort whatsoever. All the way through college. Well into my twenties. After Nathan was born, something in my brain snapped. I have NO idea what happened, but now I can hardly sit still long enough to write a blog post or watch TV. I live to move, to workout, to see things, to be the master of my own body. This photo was taken awhile ago to celebrate having actual bicep definition.

2. Something I’ve Overcome: My fear of public speaking. I hated giving speeches in school. I would get SO nervous and jittery. I said “Um” all the time and giggled a lot out of nerves. It didn’t matter if I knew the people I was speaking to, or even how much I knew what I was talking about. Then I took a job in sales. I knew nothing about sales, and I was pretty nervous at first. But little by little I became more comfortable. The more I practiced what I was going to say, the more I knew my product and my customer, the easier it was. Then I started giving big presentations at our annual sales meetings. That means me speaking for about an hour in front of a group of 50 middle-aged men. The feedback I got from them was awesome. So many of them kept telling me how impressed they were, and what a great job I was doing. So I kept doing it. And then I jumped out into even deeper water and started giving technical presentations at engineering conferences to bigshots and really smart guys. Commanding the attention of a huge room full of guys with big egos is empowering. So I have two more of those presentations to give next month. I haven’t spoken in public in a couple years. Maybe I’ll be a teensy bit nervous again. But it will be fun!

3. I need help with…Nathan. Not really, he’s pretty easy, but I just need someone to watch him for an entire day next week so that I can fly down to Raleigh and back for a meeting. It’s gonna mean missing a MOPS social and my yoga class, but I really want to go! Also I need more options for regular babysitters so Mike and I can go out on dates sometimes. My usual sitter’s mother just got arrested on major embezzlement charges, so I think she’s unavailable now. Yikes.


10 responses to this post.

  1. >happy spf :)I played


  2. >Regular sitters would be nice. I usually just wait until my parents are visiting.I played!


  3. >Great spf! I used to be afraid to speak in public too but I kept pushing myself to overcome it … and now you can’t shut me up 🙂 I admire your energy … I’ve been feeling kind of lazy and drained lately.Mine’s up!


  4. >If you need a sitter, I will be happy to do it occasionally (like on weekend “date” nights). I sometimes watch my neighbor’s kids, so I have references if it makes you feel better. And I was also the babysitting queen of Broomall in my teenage and college years. Just puttin’ it out there.Have fun at your conference! I will be mentally calling upon some of your public speaking skills and confidence for my debut next Thursday morning….ugh…I am already on the verge of a breakdown from nerves.


  5. >Ask and you shall receive…Lori you ROCK. I will keep you in mind for sure.


  6. >Call me. I know a couple good sitters. (Not me – I don’t babysit. Lori, can I call you? Haha!!!)


  7. >Great SPF! I am sometimes the family babysitter and it’s great to give the young parents a break to go out to dinner or whatever. It sounds like you have some neat options here. I played.


  8. >Well I babysit alot or I used to, you know my number, give me a call sometime. When do you go to Raleigh?


  9. >Hey, checked out your SPF! Very good. I can give presentations too but I also get nervous but I’m told it doesn’t show. Good luck with your upcoming ones! I played (late) 😉


  10. >#2 – Ditto#1 – Not so ditto#3 – Super fantastic wow picture! I need a babysitter period.


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