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It’s been a good weekend but I’m tired. I need a nap. But first I am going to the gym, because yesterday I tried on a suit I wore to last year’s conference and it was too snug. That was very sad, because I did not really believe I had actually gained any weight since last year and there are only four weeks till I really wanted to wear that suit again. Right now I believe that if I keep burning calories and eating healthfully I can shrink enough that the suit will be comfy. But I’m not totally sure if four weeks is enough time for that, even if it is only a few inches.

I did get my hair highlighted and it looks pretty good. I’ll show ya later. And I did considerable shopping and came home with many fabulous bargains. That’s always terrific. But Penn State lost again…boohoo.

Now I must peel my butt of this here chair and get moving before I fall asleep. Even a tired, half-ass workout is better than none.


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  1. >the penn state loss yesterday was particularly crappy. it looked like they were doing quite well and may have had a shot at winning until that interception. it was really, really sad! it was hard to watch.but i was glad that Arkansas beat Alabama. I used to live in AR, so i have to root for them sometimes–particularly when they play ‘bama. it’s just one of those things.


  2. >Pretty shot of the holly berries. You weren’t at KoP on Friday, were you? Seems like I was there all afternoon, and I even managed to find a few things I liked!


  3. >Yes, Penn State did their best job of TEASING me into thinking we had a chance, then BLOWING it bigtime. Sharkey, yes, yes I was at KoP on Friday. With Mike and Nathan. In the evening. Did you see me or something?


  4. >Would it freak you out if I said I saw you? 🙂 I didn’t. I probably got home from there around 4:30.


  5. >No, it wouldn’t freak me out at all. I would just be sorry you didn’t say anything. I’m friendly that way, I don’t bite 🙂


  6. >I think you have a decent shot at fitting into that suit girl. Just keep on with what you are doing.Yeah, the Steelers lost today too. To CINCINNATI. Yeah, I am not happy.


  7. >Good luck I know how hard it is to los e the weight but you will do it!I found some good bargains this weekend as well and got a fabulous hair color. My hairdresser is awesome!


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