>My Better Half

This is my adorable husband, Mike.

I love him to death and think he is very sexy, but you can see from this picture that his hair is very thin on top. It looks fine first thing in the morning, but wind or water really show off his scalp. So this past weekend (after years of my protests) he buzzed all his hair off. Or I should say, I buzzed it off at his request. I’m not crazy about it, but he likes it so that’s what matters. But he keeps coming home from work telling me about all the compliments he got on his haircut that day. My reaction is, people are so shocked when they see his new look that they must say something, and what ELSE are they gonna say, “WHOA! What happened to your hair?!” Yeah right. Well yesterday someone DID say that, but then they quickly backpedaled and said it looked good on him. Yeah right. (Sorry, honey, don’t be mad.) I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Also, I want to know who turns down a promotion? My husband, that’s who! He was meeting with the HR manager from his big company headquarters in Houston and she asked him about his career thusfar. When he told her his story, she was very impressed (as she should be) and said “I think I could get you a promotion!” He said “No, that’s ok, I’ve only been in this position for a year and I need a bit more experience here before I move on. Check with me again in a year or two.” ARGH! Mr. Safe and Secure. That sure as heck wouldn’t be me. Well at least I don’t have to move to Houston for awhile.

I had the craziest bad dreams last night, mostly involving Mike. First there was a threat of a nuclear bomb and we had to all go underground. Then I was on a plane and I watched as the plane started to dive and then flew headfirst into a skyscraper. Yeah, freaky. Then there was some kind of war about to start (not in the middle east…I dunno where) and Mike got all patriotic and enlisted without asking me first. I went off the deepend. He was really mean about it, and said it was his decision. I was like, no WAY. Anyhow, Mike would never do that, and I should really not eat salsa right before bed.

Since I’ve been a little hard on him this morning, let me say that he stayed home from the gym last night to mop my floors. That’s AWESOME.

10 responses to this post.

  1. >i haven’t seen his head, but that’s my prefered hair cut for men with thinning hair. i think it looks really nice. hair is a funny thing. when i got mine done (loc-ed), i got a lot more positivity than i expected, but i also got a lot of disapproval–from mild to extreme–including an ‘OMG why did you do that!?’ and what not.it’s amazing how people react to hair, isn’t it?


  2. >You been watching the new series, Jericho?


  3. >Actually no, I haven’t seen it but I’ve seen the commercials, so maybe that’s the trigger for the wacko dream!


  4. >Are you planning on showing us a picture or just letting us imagine what he looks like now.


  5. >Oh and you would have fun in Houston. They are lots of fabulous bloggers there. But I am glad you are staying here for awhile!


  6. >We need an “after” picture! I bet it does look good, though. I think it usually looks like guys have MORE hair when they cut it short like that.J.P. turned down a promotion last month, but I think we’re both happier than we would be if he’d taken it.


  7. >your husband is a cutey. why would he shave his head? I think hair makes a person look more “soft” compared to the “skin head” look.


  8. >I have to pop over to the sports blog and give Mike grief over turning down the promotion. I’ll wait until the after pictures to say something about the new look.


  9. >Do we get to see an after picture? I agree that the best thing for a guy with thinning hair to do is buzz it off.


  10. >God made a few perfect heads and put hair on all the rest. Go, Mike! Welcome to the club.


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