>SPF – You’re The Inspiration

>Bonus points for the first person to tell me the band that did that song.

Ok this week’s Stuff Portrait Friday assignment was a good one! Thanks Kristine πŸ™‚
1. SomeTHING that inspires me to do what I do.
2. Something I don’t like reading about on blogs.
3. Something that inspires me to write on my blog.

First, I was thinking of showing Norton the Nikon (my D50) because that marvelous camera alone is inspiration enough for me to take pictures every day. But Kristine used that one, sorta.

So the job I get paid for is being an environmental engineer in water pollution control. Yeah, designing shit plants. Glamorous, I know. But I am inspired by this:

Water. Clean water that we can fish in and swim in and drink. This is Scituate Harbor in Mass., one of my fave places to eat dinner. Just around the corner is Boston Harbor, which I have personally witness a transformation in the water quality there since the opening of a huge world class treatment plant a few years ago. That’s inspirational.

2. Something I don’t like to read about on blogs.

Cats. I’m so not a cat person.

3. Something that inspires me to write on my blog.

My skinny jeans. I recently started a new food diary blog in an effort to fit back into these jeans, and the response I have gotten has been awesome. Tons of encouragement from my fellow bloggers and lots of good advice too! So THEY are an inspiration as well.


12 responses to this post.

  1. >First!!!The band is Chicago. Right?


  2. >You’re the Inspiration = Chicagodamn, I’m second.


  3. >Dingdingding…Lori gets the bonus points. That was too easy.


  4. >Girl, my blog must drive you, sister. I am one of those people who thinks her animals like talk to her. Not in a Dr. Doolittle type of way, but still talk nonetheless.Yeah, I need to have some kids. LOLOLOLI love that you help out make water clean. I am a huge fan of not drinking gross water, so rock on.


  5. >Aw, kitties! But you’re right, they’re not blog material. For the most part.I played!


  6. >:)Happy spf!I played


  7. >I think I would freak if I had to write down everything that I eat. Good for you though. :-)The harbor shot is lovely. Clean water is a vital part of our enviornment and I applaud you.Happy SPF and I played too.


  8. >Nice pictures. Drink water, that will help you lose weight. I played.


  9. >It’s interesting seeing everyone’s interpretation on today’s SPF.I played :)And I love kitties … please don’t hold that against me πŸ™‚


  10. >I especially like your #1 — that’s great! Unfortunately, I’m a cat blogger person a lot of the time but when you’re owned by 3 cats, you do as they say. πŸ˜‰ I played.


  11. >oh wow…that picture is beautiful.What a cool inspiration. πŸ™‚ sorry I stole yours!!


  12. >Oh you are so going to get back in those jeans!And I am glad someone controls the shittanks in our country! Oh and someone who is as smart as you!


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