>Why Do We Blog?

>Never have I felt at such a loss of words as last night when my entire dinner party grilled me about why I blog, what my blog is about, and why anyone would read it. I tried to explain the human connection element of the blog community, but it may have been a bit lost on them. This conversation mainly stemmed from an earlier meeting I had yesterday afternoon with a blogger I had been reading for a long time but had never met in real life. People are amazed at why I would want to have coffee with someone I don’t know and by outward appearences have very little in common with. Why not, I say.

The Oh Really Factor is a bit younger than I, unattached, and a very politically aware liberal New Yorker. But she is also an extremely gifted writer, witty, and not intolerant of opposing political ideologies. Plus she is helping open a brand new yoga studio in Durham, where I was visiting yesterday. And you all know how obsessed I am with yoga.

So we had the MOST delicious coffee in the world, because my schedule did not permit time for a yoga class or imbibing. And we chatted for a long time like only two women can.


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  1. >I agree as well if you dont blog you really just dont get it. Refer them to Williams post about the blogging community next time…


  2. >Personally, I get why people are sorta confused by this. I personally blog because sometimes I need an outlet and it really helps after I have vented like a maniac that someone will comment and go “Oh, I so know how you feel and trust me, it gets better” or if they even just say something to make me giggle. Sometimes we do need more than just our families and close friends to bounce things off of. I am not sure what I consider the people who comment on my blog and on whose blogs I comment – friends? Acquaintances? Freaks of nature? LOL. I do know that I enjoy their presence in my life, so that’s enough for me.


  3. >It’s hard to describe why one blogs. My coworkers don’t blog and they don’t understand the concept of it, so instead of saying “one of my blog buddies” I just say, “my friend so and so was telling us about…” They must think I have an exciting social life. LOL


  4. >hmmm. I do think the fascination of blogging is a “you had to be there” experience. Non-bloggers can’t get it. I remember well when I didn’t get it. Thought blogging was absurd, at best. Maaaaybe those really intimate with bloggers get it. My husband almost gets it, I think, because I talk about it, and about imaginary friends, so much. Good for you, meeting a blog friend. I’ve only met one so far. Like Alisa, I now refer to my imaginary friends as “a friend of mine in Texas..” or wherever. I don’t go into the “a friend I’ve never met” explanation.


  5. >I have had similar conversations. I’m always embarassed to admit that I blog. I rathet not talk about it with people who don’t “get it”.That said, I totally understand why they don’t. I remember when I didnt’ get it. It seemed so self-serving. I mean, who really cares what I think and what I’m doing every day, you know?But I really do enjoy it, so that’s nuff said, imo. 🙂


  6. >I agree with you all. it’s hard to explain to others so I don’t. it’s a hobby that I would just like to keep to myself.


  7. >I find it to be a personal decision. It is weird but it is a hobby and sometimes, when I am asked why I blog, I simply ask the asker, Why do you like Baseball or football or whatever hobby they have. It is usually the same answer. If a football fan had a chance to meet say Donanvan McNabb would they turn it down? Probably no. It is the same thing but on a smaller less popular scale.


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