>October Weekend

Wow, winter is coming fast. This weekend Mike was away at the Penn State football game so Nathan and I were alone. Friday it turned cold. I took Nathan on a hayride at a local farm with other moms from MOPS. He went nuts over the farm animals, especially the cows. We saw a mama cow that had just given birth and her baby that could hardly stand up. She was still delivering the placenta…ew.

Friday after I put Nathan to bed I mixed myself a cosmo and drank it in a nice hot jacuzzi bath. That’s relaxing!

Saturday morning I hit the gym, and then Nathan and I had lunch at the mall. (Not Neiman Marcus…one lunch there a week is plenty!) I found some cute purple cords at Old Navy to replace the Michael Kors ones I bought three weeks ago that are now too big thanks to my weight loss efforts. Sadly, the MK pair will have to go back.

After Nathan woke up from his nap we went on a fall foliage photography hunt. We took a brisk walk down a trail near the river, and then headed over to Valley Forge for sunset where the dear were out by the hundreds. You can get within a few feet of them before they move. The sunset was beautiful. I love the glow of dusk.

You can see my results in my Flickr. Here is a slideshow of the hayride and the deer.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >Great shots…Hmm lunch at Neiman Marcus! Let me know sometime we can meet there!Have a great week! Is this the week of Dallas?


  2. >Thanks…no I don’t leave for Dallas until Saturday. Lots of work to be done before then!! Ack!!


  3. >Did you finally get cosmo glasses!??? *grin* Congrats on the weight loss. That’s gotta be a great feeling.


  4. >Oh yes I DID finally break down and buy 2 cosmo glasses at Target. You’ll have to come have one with me sometime! Oh yeah and lunch at Needless Markup is EXPENSIVE so unless somebody is watching Nathan I am not paying to feed him there again. Maybe on a Saturday though? Their food is exquisite!


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