>Mood Swings

>This morning has already been one of crazy mood swings. I start out the day aiming to be especially productive in this last week before the conference. I start out listening to some Christian music, having a positive attitude, keeping everything in perspective. Like a newly bloomed flower after rain, I’ve got a clean slate, and I proceed to try to reinvent myself again, reframe my point-of-view.

Then sh*t happens. People start calling me and giving me bad news, complaining about each other, forcing me to mediate. I drink too much coffee and eat no breakfast, which makes me hyper and edgy. Nathan throws a fit because he wants to go to the grocery store instead of the Marshall’s next door where I have to return the too big pants. I finally get him calm in the store and I get another phone call with more bad news. Good thing I was in public because the F-word starts screaming in my head. Why it’s even there (in my head) in the first place is a good question.

Famished, I make an impulse decision to get comfort food at Wendy’s for lunch. I consciously tell myself I am eating emotionally, but I’m too hungry and stressed, so I don’t care. The worst is when I hear Nathan in the back saying “french fry? french fry?” as we get closer to the Wendy’s. When I turn down the street where the Wendy’s is (not even IN the parking lot yet) I hear a joyful proclamation of “FRENCH FRY!” from the backseat. That’s BAD. My kid eats way too many french fries.

He also has an insanely keen sense of direction. I mean CRAZY. He knows the exact location of every single elevator in the King of Prussia mall, and will passionately point out the way to them from whatever entrance I use. Certain shopping centers elicit an immediate question “Nana?” as we enter, regardless of time or destination, because I might sometimes meet my mom there for lunch. It freaks me out. I swear the kid could direct someone from our house to about two dozen locations within a 10 mile radius.

Here’s hoping the afternoon and evening are a little calmer. I’m gonna hafta do some serious running and/or yoga to get rid of all this negative energy.


6 responses to this post.

  1. >Yeah I am a stress eater as well!Sorry your morning was so crappy!If you need to vent give me a call!


  2. >I would have hit up the Wendy’s then stopped for dessert at the ice cream store! John’s first word, I swear was “bite? bite?” and then progressed to “fwench fwy!” and then went to “eyescweem!” Luckily he has the metabolism of a hummingbird.


  3. >At Nathan’s age, my nephew recognized the signage for every fast food restaurant in town. “Buhguh King! Taco Bewww! McDonawds!”


  4. >it’s interesting how Rs and Ls come out as Ws for little ones.oh, and no one ‘forces’ you to mediate. you choose the role, or your step back. remember, you have power in these situations–power over your own responses and reactions. :)also, notice the connection between emotions and food.


  5. >It’s hard not to eat when you’re stressed. Hoping your bad news gets better soon…


  6. >Don’t worry. If we even approach any type of restaurant, we hear “Fries, fries, fries, fries!” from the wee one.Make your priority taking care of you.


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