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>I keep having all these various urges to write things here that are pressing on my mind, but I usually don’t because there are so many and I don’t want this blog to just be like my own little diary. But here’s one.

WHY do all my friends keep telling me how much they PAID other people to photograph their families?? WHY do I feel so incredibly jealous and disappointed that they didn’t ASK ME! WHY should I expect them to ask me when I don’t make it known that I’d really LIKE to do that for a living?!! WHY am I so freakin’ chicken to stick my neck out there with my half-ass equipment and go for it?? I mean, I wouldn’t CHARGE them anything yet so what’s the harm, right?

At least four separate moms today were complaining to me about bad photo sessions, outrageous prices, and photogs not releasing their copywrites. Is it a sign? I want to do it for them but I just don’t feel like I have the time or money to invest in more equipment and more learning about techniques and Photoshopping, etc. I mean, I DO have an actual job that pays pretty darn well. Plus a kid of my own. Plus a gym I like to go to. Plus a MOPS group to lead. Plus a Senator to try to get reelected. Plus a husband who is unhappy that I don’t cook or clean or pay bills more often. Comments? Questions?

Another random thought:

Meet my new pet tarantula I found when I moved the recycle bin in my garage last night. Body was 2.5 inches, plus legs makes at least 4 inches long.


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  1. >First off, the blog should be like a diary in my opinion. Secondly, go for it. Why not do something you love for a living or hobby? Your husband has his Penn State thing, you love photography, are good at it from what we see with the Nathan shots, you have already started to network with your target market through MOPS and your church.


  2. >Disgusting. The spider that is. As far as the Photography. Tell people that you want to build a portfolio first and that you will snap pics of their kids for free and give them the prints. It is a good way to get you name out ther as well as developing a portfolio.


  3. >I’m with William–just tell people you’re trying to get started. (Also, the spider is disgusting.)One of my co-workers recently had a baby. I don’t know him all that well, but I sent him an email that said, “Hey, I’m getting into photography and like to shoot babies. Now that you have one of those, would you like me to come and take some pictures of her?” He and his wife jumped at the chance.I warned them that I’m not a professional so as not to set their expectations too high. I think it went pretty well, and I got their prints in the mail yesterday. (And that reminds me–I forgot to bring them to the office with me today. Damn!)


  4. >you wanna snap free pics for my yoga web site? also, i need pictures of my rabbit–portrait style. lots of them. ours don’t turn out great.build the portfolio and go for it.


  5. >Jen, I’d love to shoot both yoga pics and October J Rabbit pics. I am all about the portfolio building. Your yoga room has tremendous natural light in the morning for shooting the bunny. I think he’d look great on a black backdrop, but I’m wide open to your ideas. Let’s talk.


  6. >definately. this weekend i go out of town. next weekend i’m available, and i have time on weekdays as you know. so, i have some time.i don’t have any back drops, but a friend of mine has some black velvet curtains that we can borrow if you want. and you know october j is a ham if he’s in the mood. we’ll give him gojiberries. :)as a complete non-sequitor, i had a great breakfast: ezekiel’s raisin bread with marscapone cheese spread on it and all fruit strawberry jam and water. it was SO good. it makes good stuffed french toast too. yummy. 🙂


  7. >Yes, I agree with running42k. If you can’t vent and bitch and moan and hope and dream on your blog…where the heck else can you do it? Also, go for it. The photog thing. Why not? Life is too short to deny yourself something that makes you really happy and fulfilled. I agree with william. Start small with people who you know for free, like a showcase type thing, so that you can build a portfolio.The spiders in our area are truly frightening, aren’t they?! My Delco relatives call them “nuclear spiders” and claim that the spiders are that huge due to the power plants. Yet another lame Limerick joke.


  8. >You have to start somewhere, girl. Get the word out, make some wallet sized business cards. Post flyers at church. If I can do it, you can.I’m aiming to keep my pricing and sitting fees reasonable, but after all the work I put into it, I usually make about $150 for 20 hours of work. The payback is not good.The copyright is something we all have to deal with. People want digital files of their photos so they can take them to Wal-Mart or print them on their computer. It’s not the same quality as you’d get with a lab, and that print reflects you as a photographer. I will not budge on my copyright nor on distribution of digital files.


  9. >Jen, Next weekend might be good…not sure if there is a PSU home game we might go to or not. Otherwise we’ll find a time. I have a black backdrop so no problem there. Where would you want to do photos for your yoga web site? Would these be mainly of you or could we pull in some more volunteers, like Mark or maybe Kimber…and your breakfast does sound delicious. I must try it. Lori, Nuclear spiders, huh? That’s a GOOD one. I almost believe it. Mutha, good point on the copyright…never thought about that.


  10. >I have struggled with the same thing. i really love photography…and would love to do it more especially portraits. Several of my friends and peers are having babies, so I’m jumping in. I ordered a fairly cheap set of two strobe lights with umbrellas from ebay. JoAnn fabrics (not sure if you have those stores by you) is a great place to find fabric to use as backdrops (which is cheaper than actual backdrops) craft felt is 72 in. wide and works great.My career as a chemist in a lab that makes acryllic adhesives will come to a halt the day I find out I am pregnant (not anytime in the too near future, I hope), because of the risk to a baby. So I decided to take a few classes at the local community college and get going offering free sittings to people I know to build a portfolio. I realize it is more difficult for you with Nathan…but if you really want to get into it, go for it! I am sure you will be able to make it happen!


  11. >yeah, i have some ideas for pictures. if you’re coming tonite, we’ll chat. 🙂


  12. >Ack! That spider! How on earth do you go on with the business of living after encountering THAT? They would be calling for the smelling salts if I had come across that thing.You should just make yourself say, “Hey. Let me take your picture for free.” Practice it a few times so it is ready for you to say when the need arises. I really think it is those things, the hobby things, that make us feel good about everything else.


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