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>I listen to a fair amount of talk radio every day. I watch a very small amount of news and a small amount of other TV. And I get mail. For the past few weeks I have been bombarded by political advertising. Now I admit, I am active and interested in politics. I care very much who calls the shots and I do what I can to influence them. But come on, even the most uninformed person on the planet has to know at least a few of the cadidates in Pennsylvania up to bat this Tuesday. Right?

Apparently not. I went to a leaders meeting for my MOPS club tonight and on the way out the door I reminded everyone to vote this Tuesday. I offered to come watch their kids so they could get to the polls, regardless of who they would vote for. They all gave me blank stares. One girl…a girl I THOUGHT was reasonably smart…gave me a funny look and quietly admitted that she had no idea who was running for what. I refreshed her. “Santorum verses Casey for US. Senate. VERY IMPORTANT POSITION. Rendell verses Swann for Governor. Weldon verses Sestak for Congressman.” She said “Ok, but whose on which side?” I about fell over.

I think this time next week I’m going to be bawling my eyes out over the state of politics in PA. A man I not only trust and respect, but have great personal affection for, is going to lose his position of tremendous influence for the good of our state in the US Senate. Every time I see a Rick Santorum commercial I am both pleased by what I see and saddened that it is for naught. The man is as honest and straight shooting as they come. He’s got the passion and conviction that more politicians should have. He commands the room when he speaks, even a room of 99 other blowhards. He will be replaced by a pansy with no direction, no plan, and zero personal presence who is running on his father’s good name. Yes, this time next week I’ll be cryin.


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  1. >that’s sad, you would have to be living under a rock to not know who is running in the area.and how can anyone miss all the commercials?????


  2. >Everytime I see Rick, I see a smug, smarmy jerk. For some reason, he always appears to have a stick up his ass in those commercials. Sorry. I know you love him, though. Bob Casey is no better. Did you watch their last debate? Aieeee! Bob Casey sounded about as articulate as Dubya.


  3. >At our house, we get about 16 calls a day with recorded messages from Lois Murphy’s people. We even got a call from good old Ed himself a few weeks ago.We’re registered as independents–why do these Democrats keep calling us?


  4. >I guess someone can appear a certain way on TV or in the media if you really don’t know them. I’m lucky to have gotten a little closer to Rick, and I can honestly say he is so UN-smarmy and UN-jerky it’s amazing. The most down-to-earth person you could know. He’s the only Senator that everyone calls by his first name. He certainly might seem a little jerky when he was beating up on Casey in the debates, because he’s articulate and passionate and tough and Casey is…I repeat…a fucking PANSY. I don’t care what Casey stands for, if he can’t speak his mind or get his voice heard, he’s worthless to our state.


  5. >Election? For what?


  6. >midterm elections are rough. really hard to determine whom to vote for based on policy, party affiliations, and party-policy affiliations in regards to congerssional control and it’s impact on the last two years of an executive’s term. i tend to try to vote for the long-term, looking mostly to the judiciary and executive branches in this way. short term elections are tough because of turnover vs impact.i still haven’t decided yet. we’ll see how it goes on tuesday. 🙂 i usually decide when i’m in the booth. otherwise, i can argue for both candidates.


  7. >Jen, I suppose you are right about mid-term elections, but right now I see this particular election as almost as important as the Presidency. Santorum is the third highest ranking Repub in congress and holds many vitally important committee positions. If he loses his seat to Casey next week we (Pennsylvania) will be giving up a ton of influence in the legislative process. I’m as confused and frustrated about the war as the next guy, but it’s not the only issue I’m voting on. I’m amazed by people like you who say they don’t decide till they’re in the booth. Generally speaking, if I haven’t read enough background on a candidate to have already made my decision, I may not even cast a vote in that race. I almost never pull that “straight ticket” lever. I never vote for someone running uncontested, unless I have a very good reason for it.


  8. >i think that there are many important considerations, and part of the reason that i often don’t decide until i’m in the booth is not due to lack of understanding of the candidate, but rather a lack of clarity on my own decision making process.in looking at the different candidates, i see the interest of maintaining the status quo and the value of that, but i also see what benefits may arise from a trying a new person who will build power over time, potentially supporting those interests which i consider more valuable during that time.similarly, different candidates stand in different places on different issues. I may not agree with this candidate’s stance on an environmental issue, but i may agree with an economic issue. But, the other candidate may more take the education reform stance that interests me, and while not exactly being on the same page environmentally be close, but not share the economic issues that i prefer.In this way, i’m weighing the various factors of this candidate vs that candidate on a number of issues, and i have to prioritize those issues as well as the issues of power and how that power impacts in the mid-term and in beyond this term–if at all.this is why i haven’t yet decided, and typically i think about it on my way to the booth, and decide ultimately once i get there. And i’ve never voted for a single party across the board. it doesn’t often make sense to do so.


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