>SPF – Easy one

>So Kristine thinks she’s letting us off easy by giving us the following assignment.

1. The Good
2. The Bad
3. The Ugly

Well whatever. My Good was basically my whole trip to Dallas last week. Good traveling with my mom and son. Good seeing my aunt and uncle. Good catching up with fun friends and going dancing four nights in a row. Good brain food talking technical stuff with smart people. Good body image since my diet and exercise paid off with 10 less pounds. Good presentations because I got a ton of compliments. But I will focus on the good hair. This hair cost me a small fortune…but almost everyone mentioned how good it looked. Why can’t I have my stylist with me every morning? You may not think it looks like anything special, but go back here to see my normal curls. It’s nearly impossible for me to NOT have frizz.

The Bad is how I’ve been eating since I got home from Dallas. Halloween is great and fun, but I am a candy addict. I have been forgoing meals in favor of this.

The Ugly is Pennsylvania politics right now. I know many of you won’t agree with me, but I am truly devestated by the inevitable results of the upcoming election here. I know people are upset by the war and the Republican scandals and such, but IMHO the backlash is going to hurt our country and state more. I’m embarressed that my state will be represented in the Senate by the likes of Bob Casey, when we had the best Senator around in Rick Santorum. Most people around here I talk to don’t even know why they don’t like Rick, it’s just a gut reaction, a go with the crowd thing. And I think my congressman Curt Weldon is getting a raw deal too, with these allegations of tossing one favor to his lobbyist daughter. Big stinkin’ deal. He’s done our district a world of good in the bazillion years he’s represented us. Now he may lose to a man with zero experience and a strong liberal bent. *sigh*


12 responses to this post.

  1. >Girl your hair looks fab!!!! I mean, FAB. I am so not up on PA politics. I do remember Santorum and no, he is not a favorite by a mile, but shit, who the hell knows? His replacement could be a shithead.


  2. >You look awesome! Wow 10 lbs you should be so proud!I agree about the candy it is so my downfall!I played!


  3. >Are you conceding the Santorum election already? I agree things look bad for PA politics, but I hope the polls are wrong.


  4. >You came down here the WRONG weekend!


  5. >Good for you on the hair. I know how that feels. I, too, wish I had a personal stylist. My hair looks great when he does it, but not so much when I do it. *sigh* You were in my neck of the woods last week!And, *waving fiercely* I’m with you on the politics. Don’t concede yet. Get to the polls and let your voice be heard. You may be surprised! We’re going to see the President speak Monday night and I’m very excited!I played, too.


  6. >Wow…we have some kind of election crap going on here too. When does the mudslinging end? We get AT LEAST 3 pieces of junk mail from this one guy every day, just blasting the other guy. Who I’m tempted to vote for just because the other guy is annoying the crap out of me! :PI played too:)


  7. >I HATE all the negative commercials and the backstabbing. To me it’s not about the parties but who stands for what. Tell me what you stand for and I’ll make my decision.If there is a republican out there who TRULY stands for the items that I want, I will vote for you, even if I’m a registered Democrat.It seems it’s more important to talk trash about your opponent than giving the people, who are the voters legitimate reasons to vote for you.


  8. >Kami, NO you held the Blowout on the wrong weekend! LOL Seriously your originally planned weekend was in order for me to go! I couldn’t change my work conference 😦 So sorry I missed it.


  9. >I think your hair looks great in that picture. You say liberal like it’s a bad thing. ;-)(You and I will never see eye to eye on politics but you’re still great)


  10. >Thank you r42K. And everyone else who said nice stuff about my hair. I just hope my husband doesn’t figure out the bill for it.


  11. >Your hair looks very different all uncurled!!! I love playing like that too.I hear ya with the candy. Ugh… can’t stay away!I played too!


  12. >I won’t bore you with the details, especially now that the election is well behind us.But for the record, I could give you a very long and precise list why I thought Rick Santorum was a terrible senator.But if you agreed with him about everything… he was great!


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