>SPF – Yes, No, Maybe

>Kristine, over at Random and Odd, is making our Stuff Portrait Friday assignments easier and easier. This week the subjects are:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Maybe

Anything of our choosing. So in keeping with this week’s them around here of my photography, I give you a Yes! photo, a NO! photo, and a Maybe… photo.

Yes!! I’m so excited about the new lens. Although it IS tricky to get the right things in focus. Here’s one from the other day of Nathan laughing and jumping and squealing over something on TV.

No!! I was so hoping to get good yoga pictures of Mark’s beginner class but I didn’t want to disturb people by sitting IN the room. I thought I could pull off taking the pics through the windows, but alas…it failed.

And a Maybe photo. This is harder to define. This picture was taken in really bad light, and there’s a ton of background “garbage”. But the subject is just so darn cute that it’s an ok photo. Not as good as the black and white one of the same baby a few posts ago, but good enough to enjoy.


7 responses to this post.

  1. >Cute baby. You could fix it up in PS if you aren’t happy with the color!


  2. >Nathan is so handsome! And what a precious baby.I played.


  3. >Great pics. 🙂 What a cute baby. :)The yoga photo actually looks kind of neat with the window reflections.My photos are up. Have a good weekend. 🙂


  4. >That baby is precious and the photo of Nathan is great!


  5. >Oh and I played this week!


  6. >I just wanna scoop up that baby and run.OK, that sounded bad.You know what I mean. In a non-psycho way.


  7. >Don’t you love playing with new toys? Enjoy! I played, too!


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